Tuesday, November 24, 2009

California, Here We Come!

This could come to a shock to some of you but if you read my husband's facebook or twitter, you won't be surprised. We are headed back to California as soon as we can get there. Toward the end of August, we realized that God had other plans for our family than the church we were currently serving. We were not quite sure what God wanted us to do next, but it was amazing to see how He directed us and confirmed time and time again where He needed us.

It all started when Kerry was speaking to one of his mentors who asked him if he had ever considered planting a church. Honestly, this was not something we had ever considered in the past. Not five minutes later, Kerry was speaking with Pat Giraldin who asked him if he would consider returning to California to help start a new church. I was surprised when Kerry called and shared with me about this and also a little hesitant.

After hearing from Kerry about his conversations, I asked God casually, more in a joking manner, where He wanted us to go next. I was at a water park on a Sunday evening with family when I prayed about where He wanted us. Then I looked up at the sign in front of me. The first word I saw on that sign said CALIFORNIA. I didn't want to admit just yet that God had given me a clear answer.

On the way home from the water park, I passed a church named Crossroads. I found that somewhat odd since the cross was part of Hope Crossing, but once again that was God giving me a sign for our future. At another time, Kerry was driving and praying about our future. When he glances up, the car in front of him had a California license plate. This took place in Florida.

After all of this, I seriously, genuinely prayed asking God for clarity in our life and where He wanted us. As I was sitting flipping channels on the tv I randomly stopped on a channel. A commercial came on I had never seen. They were talking about cows from California and at the end of the commercial one said, "Lets go to California." I haven't seen the commercial since.

By this time, I was seeing that God was probably sending us to Cali, but I really wanted to hear from Caleb without me prompting him. I prayed saying that I would love it to come from Caleb. Not one minute later, he comes in wearing a new shirt from Nana and Granddad that he had already worn once and it had CALIFORNIA written on it. I hadn't seen the word California on it before that minute.

I knew now that God had spoken but I told him if He wanted to send a few extra signs my way for fun, I'd be happy to see them. And guess what? He did. So, I'm driving the same way to my sister's house that I had driven for several weeks one morning and glance up at a street sign to see it say Dana Point (a city in Southern California). I saw another street sign at another random glance that said San Clemente (a city in Southern California). And once again, at another random moment, I glanced up to see a truck with the words Lake Forest (a city in Southern California) on them.

To top it all off, while shopping with my mom for Silas' birthday, she held up an outfit for him. She hadn't even looked at the words. But what did it say on it? CALIFORNIA

So obviously, after all of those signs, there is no denying where God wants us to go and what He wants us to do. We are truly looking forward to returning to California, a place that I grew to love.

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Colorado Dreamin' said...

I am so excited for you! And praying for you!

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