Monday, November 02, 2009

Change Isn't Easy

Where have the days gone? Time just keeps slipping by. I thought I would give a quick update on us. Once again, I feel like we are in a time of transition. Kerry is no longer serving at the church we have been at in Florida. We truly feel that God has given us direction in what He wants us to do next and where. We are just having to wait on His timing.

Change is not always easy for me. After struggling this year to accept where God had placed us, we're moving on again. We aren't certain where God will lead us next but we know He has a plan for us and our family. I'm tempted to ask why, but try to remember that God has His reasons. I want Him to unveil His plan for our life quickly and all at once, but that's not what He's doing. We have been praying through a few things recently and hopefully in the near future, we will know for certain His leading. God has really been speaking to me and helping show me where He wants us next. One day I'm extremely excited about God's clear signs and on other days I'm scared to really think that He's really giving us direction. I'm like, "Are you sure God? Really sure? I just want to make sure I'm hearing correctly?" Our biggest prayer right now is that our house will sell in God's timing and at His price.

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