Friday, March 12, 2010

Not the Post I Wanted to Start Blogging Again With

I realize it has been a really long time since I have last posted. I finally decided this week that I needed to start blogging again to record meaningful events in our lives. So, I originally planned to start back with Levi's third birthday which was this past Sunday. Well, Levi decided that that was not the blog post he wanted me to start with.

It all started yesterday afternoon when I reminded my three older boys that they should not be wrestling, especially on my bed. After our discussion we ran a couple of errands and came right back home. While Caleb and I were going over his math work, Josiah and Levi were upstairs. The next the I hear is Levi crying. They had been wrestling and somehow Levi fell or was pushed in the midst of their playing into the portable crib that was at the end of the bed. He had managed to hit his mouth just right so has to cut his lip, slice his gum, and move two of his teeth.

I realized immediately that a trip to the emergency room was needed. It took some time before we were finally seen. When we were seen, I was given two choices -- sew the laceration up with him awake or sedate him. Since we survived this experience once before with Levi and the sedation only involved a shot in the leg, I opted for the sedation. He did cry when he was given the shot, but it was such a relief to know that he would not remember any of it. I just couldn't bring myself to cause any more pain/trauma to him than he has already been through.

He woke up long enough for them to clear us to go home. He slept the rest of the night next to Kerry (who had been with the other three during Levi's trip to the emergency room - They did all come up at the beginning until right before they called us back). He came to me this morning just in time for him to vomit. He's doing much better now and is holding down foods. He's playing and very upset that he doesn't get to ride his bike today.

Levi has to see a pediatric dentist on Monday. I'm so thankful to be back where we really like our dentist. Hopefully, the news of his mouth won't be as bad as it looks. Kerry realized that Levi has now been the only one of our boys to go the emergency room in the three states we have lived in - Texas, California, and Florida. So much for thinking that he was going to be our calm one.

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