Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday at Boomers

Caleb decided he wanted to go to Boomers to celebrate his birthday. I did not want to try and go on a Saturday when I knew it would be really crowded. So, we waited until Monday which was a great time to go, especially since we have little ones. We all had a great time!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pet Ducks

Okay, so these really aren't our ducks, but last month one day they came to visit. We thought that was pretty neat and fed them some of our bird seed. The continued to come just about the same time everyday. They were pretty consistent until we ran out of bird seed. The boys sure enjoyed seeing them up close.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 10th Birthday, Caleb!

Me, Caleb, and Kerry

Caleb's cake

My new 10 year old (who says he's letting his hair grow out)

I can't believe that Caleb is now 10. He is no longer in the single digits and just recently I realized that he is past the halfway mark until he is considered an adult. Eight more years doesn't seem long enough. I find myself thinking about all the things I want to make sure he gets to experience before then, like going to Yellowstone or Washington, D.C., take art lessons, etc. I also want to make sure I take time to enjoy special moments with him so that I can look back and know I did the best job as I can as his mother.

He has had a day that he loves - getting to play outside all day. When he woke up, he was ready to head outdoors. By the time I was ready to got outside and watch him, it was about 10:00am. He got to open his gift from Nana and Granddad first thing, a pair of roller blades. We have a lot of boys in our neighborhood that like to play street hockey. One of our neighbors has shared his old pair but Caleb is thrilled to have his own. He also designed his own birthday cake. I helped decorate it while he stood by giving directions the entire time. He was pleased with the outcome and that's what's important. This week we are taking him to Boomers for his birthday -- that was his request. I just didn't want to endure crowds on a Saturday. Yesterday, he received his birthday card from Granny and loved finding money in it. It's already in his wallet.

Kerry and I are both so proud of the person Caleb is and is becoming. Happy 10th Birthday, Caleb!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Granddad's April Visit

Silas, Granddad, Josiah, and Caleb (Levi wouldn't get out of the stroller for the picture)

Silas loving the beach

Levi loved playing in the sand.

Levi, Granddad, Silas, Caleb, Me, and Josiah before Granddad goes home to Texas

We are always thrilled to see Granddad come for a visit. He arrived on a Thursday and I put him right to work. Levi had an echocardiogram that day and Granddad was very nice to take care of the other three boys. After the echo, Granddad treated us to lunch out. On Friday, we decided to go to the beach. It was hard to believe that this was the first time we've made it to the beach since we returned to California. We tried a new beach, but with four kids, three being under 5, this was not the beach for me. Friday evening we enjoyed a family movie and home. All too soon it was time for Granddad to go home but not before he took us out to lunch one more time. Thanks for a great visit, Dad!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camping in the Desert

Me and my four boys

Enjoying our campfire

Kerry and Caleb

Josiah never slowed down

Caleb, Josiah, Kerry, and the snake

I can't believe that only a month later I would find myself camping again in a tent. This time for 2 nights. What was I thinking? And back to the desert again? With all that dust and no shower.

So, here it was Monday, April 5, 2010 when I find myself in the van with the entire family headed to the desert. When we arrived it was extremely windy. Kerry informed me that if the wind didn't settle down, we would be sleeping in the van that night. Was he serious?

As Kerry was "setting up" camp, we had Bailey our dog off leash (bad mistake). We have never allowed Bailey just to go free in a wide unfenced open space. We learned our lesson when we all started looking for him and he didn't come. Kerry got on his dirt bike in the wind and cold and searched for over an hour until he found him. We were very thankful to find him and we learned that we were not going to let him off the leash unless he was 100% supervised, eyes on him at all times.

After that incident, we took a little hike and returned to the campsite. There would be no campfire or tent that night due to the wind. What a way to introduce this city girl to camping. We ate dinner by flashlight in the van and attempted to get ready for bed. I don't think any of us really got a good rest that night.

Fortunately, the next day was pleasant. Kerry started a fire first thing that morning and we set up the tent. The boys had a blast riding dirt bikes, finding creatures, sleeping in the tent, and enjoying smores. The boys can't wait to go again. Kerry asked me if I was up for another camping trip in May. I assured him I had had enough for now. So, while Kerry and Caleb are going dirt bike riding in May, Josiah decided that a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and playing Playstation as much as he wanted at home was better than the desert this time. Hurray for me!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Our Easter weekend was very busy this year. Saturday morning we had our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. The boys had a blast and enjoyed hanging out with friends for a little while. After lunch, the boys got to dye their Easter eggs. Silas thought they were fun to crack. That evening, we were invited to some of our neighbor's homes for a memorial service. Once we arrived home, I had to prepare for our preschoolers at church.

Sunday was just as busy. We were at church bright and early to set up. Church went well. After church, Kerry had to make a hospital visit. Kerry missed the boys hunting for Easter eggs this year since he was at the hospital. It was so cute, because Caleb decided that he would hide the eggs for his younger brothers. After the little ones found all the eggs, Josiah decided to hide the eggs for Caleb. I just thought that was so sweet on both their parts.

All the boys after the neighborhood egg hunt

All the boys dying Easter eggs

Caleb posing for the camera

Josiah trying to pose like Caleb

Levi all smiles

Silas is taking the egg hunt seriously

No group shot this Easter

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nana and Granddad Visit in March

Nana and Granddad came to visit us in the middle of March. It was great having them here. Levi had a dentist appointment to check his teeth after his accident. Nana was able to watch the two older boys at home while Granddad came with us to keep an eye on Silas so I could focus all of my attention on Levi.

They treated us to a day at Legoland. We all had a great time and ended the day at the outlets. We didn't find too much since we were all exhausted from our day. We also enjoyed eating out and spending lots of time together. Thanks for coming to see us!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Levi Turns 3

Levi turned 3 on Sunday, March 7. It was such a busy week that I was afraid that Levi might not feel like he had the greatest birthday. We had been so busy getting ready to go camping and then church on Sunday that I didn't get to make his cake until after lunch on Sunday. He actually really seemed to enjoy watching me make his cake. He also loved having everyone tell him happy birthday at church. Of course, his favorite part was opening his presents.

Levi specifically requested a guitar cake this year.

Levi excited about his birthday

Daddy with a very happy Levi

Sweet Levi with Mommy

Levi is still such a sweet part of our family. His personality continues to blossom. He has no problems expressing his feelings. He is still wonderful with Silas. One minute he can be playing rough with Caleb and Josiah and the next minute he will get down next to Silas and talk baby talk to him. It's the cutest thing. He's becoming more athletic. He enjoys riding his scooter and bicycle. His speech is a little behind, so we are working extra hard now to work on his speech. I think we have all grown accustomed to speaking for him/interpreting since we know what he is saying. Josiah and Caleb understand him very well, but not most people. We have already seen improvement with the effort. We are so blessed to have him in our family.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Time in a Tent

Me, Levi, and Caleb

Caleb having a blast

I don't think Josiah slowed down once the entire time.

This is the best picture I was able to get of Silas

I have four boys. Since I have four boys, sometimes I am required to do things that I would never have considered doing in the past. One of those things involves camping in a tent. We don't own a toy hauler or an rv and all of my boys wanted to go ride dirt bikes in the desert. We own a tent, but I have always gladly let that be the boys' thing. Now that there are four and most are still young, Kerry didn't think he could handle the three oldest out in the desert alone. Since I love me kids so much, I got to try tent camping for the first time. I will first say that the boys had a blast, Bailey included. As for me, sleeping in a tent is cold during this time of year. We had no shower and even though we were only gone one night, I felt pretty nasty by the time we got home. But to see the smiles on all of there faces was worth it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hiking with Friends

Back in February, we went on a leisure hike with some friends. We all had a great time. The kids all seemed to enjoy the water and that's often where they could be found. I'm just glad mine didn't complain after they chose to get wet. I was impressed with how long Levi walked since we didn't take the stroller. Silas rode on my back for about half of the way, but walked the majority of it back to the car.

Silas having fun with a stick.

Levi looking a little wet from the water but no complaints

Josiah stopping for long enough for Mom to get a picture

Most of the crew enjoying the hike

I couldn't forget to mention the bees. There was a section where the men and some of the kids got quiet but kept moving. After I passed these bees without noticing them, they told me what I had just passed. If I had known, I don't think I would have been able to pass them. I guess it's a good thing I didn't see them.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue Jay Campground

On Saturday, January 30, 2010 we took the boys to Blue Jay Campground. It was actually almost 3 years to the date when we had last visited with just 2 boys (and one on the way). It was great to get the boys out of the city and back in nature. The boys had a blast and it was fun to see that Caleb actually remembered specific places as we walked. I also remembered to stop at my favorite little candy store on the way home.

The entire family posing for a picture

Josiah having fun climbing

I think Caleb would have climbed higher if we would have let him.

Levi enjoying life

Silas feeling grown up that he is sitting on the stump