Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camping in the Desert

Me and my four boys

Enjoying our campfire

Kerry and Caleb

Josiah never slowed down

Caleb, Josiah, Kerry, and the snake

I can't believe that only a month later I would find myself camping again in a tent. This time for 2 nights. What was I thinking? And back to the desert again? With all that dust and no shower.

So, here it was Monday, April 5, 2010 when I find myself in the van with the entire family headed to the desert. When we arrived it was extremely windy. Kerry informed me that if the wind didn't settle down, we would be sleeping in the van that night. Was he serious?

As Kerry was "setting up" camp, we had Bailey our dog off leash (bad mistake). We have never allowed Bailey just to go free in a wide unfenced open space. We learned our lesson when we all started looking for him and he didn't come. Kerry got on his dirt bike in the wind and cold and searched for over an hour until he found him. We were very thankful to find him and we learned that we were not going to let him off the leash unless he was 100% supervised, eyes on him at all times.

After that incident, we took a little hike and returned to the campsite. There would be no campfire or tent that night due to the wind. What a way to introduce this city girl to camping. We ate dinner by flashlight in the van and attempted to get ready for bed. I don't think any of us really got a good rest that night.

Fortunately, the next day was pleasant. Kerry started a fire first thing that morning and we set up the tent. The boys had a blast riding dirt bikes, finding creatures, sleeping in the tent, and enjoying smores. The boys can't wait to go again. Kerry asked me if I was up for another camping trip in May. I assured him I had had enough for now. So, while Kerry and Caleb are going dirt bike riding in May, Josiah decided that a trip to Chuck E. Cheese and playing Playstation as much as he wanted at home was better than the desert this time. Hurray for me!

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