Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Time in a Tent

Me, Levi, and Caleb

Caleb having a blast

I don't think Josiah slowed down once the entire time.

This is the best picture I was able to get of Silas

I have four boys. Since I have four boys, sometimes I am required to do things that I would never have considered doing in the past. One of those things involves camping in a tent. We don't own a toy hauler or an rv and all of my boys wanted to go ride dirt bikes in the desert. We own a tent, but I have always gladly let that be the boys' thing. Now that there are four and most are still young, Kerry didn't think he could handle the three oldest out in the desert alone. Since I love me kids so much, I got to try tent camping for the first time. I will first say that the boys had a blast, Bailey included. As for me, sleeping in a tent is cold during this time of year. We had no shower and even though we were only gone one night, I felt pretty nasty by the time we got home. But to see the smiles on all of there faces was worth it.

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