Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Granddad's April Visit

Silas, Granddad, Josiah, and Caleb (Levi wouldn't get out of the stroller for the picture)

Silas loving the beach

Levi loved playing in the sand.

Levi, Granddad, Silas, Caleb, Me, and Josiah before Granddad goes home to Texas

We are always thrilled to see Granddad come for a visit. He arrived on a Thursday and I put him right to work. Levi had an echocardiogram that day and Granddad was very nice to take care of the other three boys. After the echo, Granddad treated us to lunch out. On Friday, we decided to go to the beach. It was hard to believe that this was the first time we've made it to the beach since we returned to California. We tried a new beach, but with four kids, three being under 5, this was not the beach for me. Friday evening we enjoyed a family movie and home. All too soon it was time for Granddad to go home but not before he took us out to lunch one more time. Thanks for a great visit, Dad!

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