Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm Going to Catch Up: Christmas in a Nutshell

So, this post is way outdated, but I'm catching up more for me than anyone else. That way when I finally have time to scrapbook again, the blog will help me remember.

We had our first service with Hope Crossing Community Church on Christmas Eve. The three big boys all dressed up for the live nativity and they had a blast. Afterwards, we went out to eat with the Giraldins to celebrate. When we finally arrived home, we had to wrap gifts and get some baking done. I was up really late.

Christmas morning came soon, but the look on the boys' faces always makes it worth it. They had a blast opening up their gifts and playing all morning long.

This was my first Christmas not to be in Texas. I admit I was very disappointed but my parents saved the day and flew out to spend Christmas with us. Thank you Nana and Granddad. We enjoyed another Christmas celebration once my parents arrived complete with and Christmas dinner. I keep telling myself, one of these days we will have a calm, normal holiday. One of these days.

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