Monday, April 12, 2010

Nana and Granddad's Christmas Visit

We stayed busy while Nana and Granddad were visiting back at Christmas. On Sunday afternoon, Nana and Granddad treated the three little ones to Chuck E. Cheese. Caleb opted to spend some time with Daddy. Josiah and Levi thought Chuck E. Cheese was the greatest treat.

Levi and Granddad before going to Chuck E. Cheese

Nana and Josiah before going to Chuck E. Cheese

Nana was the designated holder for Silas at Chuck E. Cheese

On Monday, we went to the San Diego Wildlife Park. It wasn't our favorite zoo experience since I think we all still prefer the Fort Worth Zoo which I've mentioned lots of times before. The highlight of the day for the boys was when the tram ride we were on broke down. We had to sit for a very long time until someone could come and fix it. By the end of the ride it was dark and cold. Definitely something we will remember.

Granddad with the boys

Caleb and Josiah

Levi, Nana, and Silas enjoying the carousel

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