Thursday, June 10, 2010

Date Night with Josiah

On Friday, May 21, 2010, Josiah and I had a special date night. A sweet lady in our church gave us tickets to The King and I. I have fond memories of The King and I because Kerry and I enjoyed seeing it when we had been dating about a month. Since I'm not ready to leave Silas with anyone outside of family (and Jessica), Kerry suggested I take Caleb. I thought that was a great idea until Caleb didn't want to go. When I asked Josiah, he seemed pleased with the idea.

Our evening started out at the gas station buying gum. We had dinner at home since the musical didn't start until late in the evening. We arrived early so we got to walk around downtown San Juan Capistrano. Josiah enjoyed seeing the trains. Josiah did great though the musical! We made it all the way until intermission. He was tired and ready to go home. I loved having that one on one time with him. It reminded me how great a kid he is. We ended our night by getting milkshakes on the way home. It was so nice even in the car to just sit and listen to him talk. Sweet memories.

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