Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lovable Levi

It seems like a very long time since I've given an update on the boys so I thought I'd start with Levi.

When Levi turned three, I took him for his check up at the doctor. Dr. Bob hadn't seen him since his 1 year old check up. As he was checking his heart, he asked if we had ever done an echo cardiogram to confirm that Levi's hole in his heart had closed. We never had so he recommended having one done for our peace of mind. We had the echo which confirmed the VSD had closed but it discovered another hole (PFO) in his heart. Our doctor recommended we see a pediatric cardiologist for her opinion. Levi had another echo done at the pediatric cardiologist's office, and the following week we met with the doctor. Fortunately, PFO is very common and it is not even considered a heart defect. They don't ever need to see him again. I'm still glad I know it's there though.

Here are a few more things about Levi
*He is improving on his speech but is still behind. He's trying very hard though. Looking back, we should have had his tongue clipped at birth but we didn't.
*He loves riding his razor scooter and bicycle.
*He enjoys playing basketball.
*His favorite color is blue.
*He likes to catch lizards and snakes with Caleb even if it's a pretend game.
*He loves loves babies. It is the sweetest thing to see how gentle he is and to hear is baby talk voice. So, so cute.
*He is starting to become particular about what he wears at times. I had clothes ready for church one morning but he wouldn't wear it because it didn't have buttons all the way down. He also wore the same play clothes 2 days in a row because they were his favorites.
*We've learned he can have a loud voice. He has a very loud scream!
*He finally gave up his pacifier with help only a few weeks before his 3rd birthday.
* He loves instruments -- guitars and drums are his favorite.
*He is really enjoying the computer these days. I'm amazed that he knows how to get online and to PBS kids without help. I'm in the room of course but still I'm surprised.
*He still is one of the best cuddlers I know. If he is the last one awake at night out of the boys he will curl up beside me and snuggle until he falls asleep. He curls up in a little ball and still looks so little.

I am so thankful that God chose to give us this little surprise bundle.

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