Friday, July 30, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 5

Day 12: This day found Silas and I inside most of the time laying around. Everyone else enjoyed lots of time swimming. Kerry and I were supposed to go on a date night to celebrate our anniversary but we didn't think it would be a good idea to leave Silas with having a broken leg for only 1 day. So, while Nana and Granddad watched the other 3 by going to the petting zoo and swimming, we took Silas to the Alamo (since he missed it the day before) and to the Riverwalk. He loved being the only one with us and even though he was on pain medication that was supposed to make him tired, he stayed awake the entire time. We enjoyed a nice dinner, dessert and just browsing shops as we walked. When we arrived back at the condo, I decided to meet that other 3 at the swimming pool and let Kerry watch Silas. It was nice to be able to enjoy that last swim with the others before we left.

7/15/2010 - Levi having fun in the pool

7/15/2010 - This is what Silas and I did most of the day

7/15/2010 - The boys enjoying to petting show/zoo

7/15/2010 - Me and Silas at the Alamo

7/15/2010 Kerry and Silas at the Alamo

7/15/2010 - Kerry, Silas, and me eating dessert on the Riverwalk.

Day 13: Our morning, my birthday, started by loading the van and heading to the doctor's office so Silas could get his cast. All went well and Josiah opted to travel with Nana and Granddad. We met them in San Marcos to get in a little shopping. We ate lunch and Nana and Granddad took Levi and Josiah back to Arlington with them while we shopped a little more. We had a pretty good drive back even squeezing in a stop in Waco to say hi to Uncle Kent and Christy. We made it back to my parents' house in time to celebrate my birthday along with my dad's birthday. By this time, we were all pretty exhausted and just wanted to rest. Next year on my birthday, I don't want to be driving or watching one of my children get a cast.

7/16/2010 - Right after Silas got his cast

7/16/2010 - Silas in Waco

7/16/2010 - Kerry, Silas, Caleb, and Uncle Kent

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 4 -- Broken Bones

Day 10: This was not in our vacation plans nor was it ever in my plans to experience as a mom. But I did. Kerry and I experienced our first broken bone, 2 bones actually as parents. Thankfully, we were together for this experience. And who was the lucky winner for this experience? Silas. Yes, the baby of the family who hasn't even reached his 2nd birthday.

7/14/2010 Silas getting his splint

It all started on Wednesday morning, July 14, 2010 in our hotel room in San Antonio, Texas. My parents, sister and her two boys were also there. The plan was to go to the Alamo that morning. We had just had breakfast and I was finishing up getting the boys ready and gathering our things. Silas decided that I needed to watch a new trick. He climbed up on couch and said, "Mom, watch me." I've been hearing that phrase a lot lately and said, "I'm watching." He proceeded to jump off the couch. It was not a perfect 10 landing and from the moment he landed I could tell he was hurting. He started crying immediately and kept grabbing at his leg. Kerry looked at his leg and there was no swelling. I started walking around with him trying to calm him down and took him into my parents room (connected). When my dad took a look at it 5 minutes after Kerry, it had started swelling. At this time, both Kerry and my Dad agreed that Silas needed to be seen. Nana, Granddad, and RyAnn graciously agreed to take care of the other three boys.

Before we were even in the car, my Dad was on the phone with David Miracle, pastor of Northridge Park Baptist Church, asking for the best children's hospital in San Antonio. When we arrived at Methodist Children's Hospital, David Miracle was already there waiting for us. It's such a blessing to know people in different cities and feel taken care of when there is a need.

Fortunately, the emergency room was not crowded when we arrived. We were taken back to a room immediately. Within minutes, the on call doctor (who happens to be from California) came in an talked with us. After that, we were taken to x-rays. They discovered that Silas has broken in left leg in two places and it looks like a chunk of bone was missing as well. Fortunately, the bones did not have to be set. They gave him medicine for pain and put him in the splint. Woodie, who put the splint on Silas was also from California. He contacted the pediatric orthopedic that we would be seeing on Friday for the cast and she stopped by to say hi. She also happens to be from California. It's always such a relief in the midst of pain to feel confident in the doctors that are taking care of your children. The California connection was such a big plus. It made us feel right at home.

7/14/2010 - Brock, Caleb, and Josiah on the way to the Alamo

7/14/2010 - Granddad with Braxton, Levi, Brock, Josiah, and Caleb at the Alamo (Nana's picture with the boys didn't turn out too well)

We made it back to the condo in time for lunch. We were able to get Silas settled before everyone else arrived back from the Alamo. The rest of the day for Silas and I was spent in bed or some form of being held. Everyone else spent the afternoon at the pool. I felt really bad that I wasn't spending anytime with my other 3 but they appeared to be having a blast and it didn't seem to phase them.

7/14/2010 - Silas feeling a little better that night as long as mommy was holding him. He did let Granddad hold him for a little while to give my arms a rest.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 3

Day 8: We were on the road before 9am to head to San Antonio. We have the best traveling boys. With one less boy, the car was definitely quieter. We made great time and didn't need to stop for lunch until we were around Austin. We made it to San Antonio in time to buy groceries for the week before check-in. Kerry and Caleb arrived just as we were starting to unload the car. After unloading the car, Kerry and I took the boys to the petting zoo. It wasn't a regular petting zoo. They brought animals out, told some information on the animal, and then let you pet them. Caleb and Levi thought it was great. Josiah was hot so I took Silas and him back to the room. We ate dinner and then headed to the swimming pools. The boys especially loved the lazy river but it took awhile for Silas to like it. He prefers to be able to touch the ground in water. RyAnn, Nate, and their boys were supposed to arrive the following day, but due to a water leak, Nate had to stay home while it was fixed. So, RyAnn and the boys came on down arriving in time for a swim.

7/12/2010 - Caleb and Levi

7/12/2010 - Caleb with a ball python

Day 9: We started our day out with a swim. Then, the kids participated in a craft, swam some more, and did another craft. After that, it was time for lunch and a little rest time. We swam some more. Then ate dinner, had smores and swam some more. That was a lot of swimming for one day. None of the boys were complaining though.

7/13/2010 - Silas hanging out at the pool

7/13/2010 - Nana and Levi floating in the lazy river

7/13/2010 - Josiah really enjoyed the lazy river

7/13/2010 - Caleb with a checkered garter snake that he found near the condo. He also had a field mouse run between his legs while he was outside.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 2

7/9/2010 - All the boys with Granny

Day 5: We woke up at Granny's and I started packing up the boys stuff along with mine. We left right around lunch time with Kerry and Granny. They were driving us to meet my mom in Mount Pleasant. Once we met my mom, she gave Granny and Kerry her car and then joined the boys in ours. We were headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit my grandfather, Papa. We had a very smooth trip there. We stopped for dinner before going to see Papa. It was great to finally see him after so long. The boys were well behaved and we even got to go swimming at the condo's pool, a great treat for the boys. After dessert, we headed to the lake house (thanks Williene!) to rest. When Josiah saw the lake house he said, "I like this hotel better than the other one." They slept pretty well and it was great to relax.

7/9/2010 - On the road to meet up with Nana

Day 6: After getting ready, we drove back to Papa's house for breakfast. We all love the real bacon he cooks. We were trying to think of something the boys would enjoy and my mom found an alligator farm. It was small and it could use some improvement, but the boys loved it. There was a petting zoo and lots of alligators. Caleb thought it was the greatest place. There was a boy that looked about Caleb's age who was volunteering. The boy was holding a small alligator while people took turns petting it. Caleb now wants to move to Arkansas so he can volunteer there. We also go to see them feed the alligators and listen to the history of the alligator farm. We returned to the lake house to let the boys rest before Papa, Loriece, Williene, and Skip arrived for fishing and dinner. Fishing is all the boys had wanted to do since they knew we were going to Arkansas. They didn't catch anything but still had fun. After dinner, we went back to Papa's to swim some more. Then is was back to the lake house for bed.

7/10/2010 Caleb at the petting zoo

7/10/2010 - Levi, Mommy with Silas sleeping, and Josiah at the petting zoo

7/10/2010 - Caleb and Josiah petting an alligator

7/10/2010 - Nana with Levi while he pets an alligator

7/10/2010 - A few of the alligators we say at the alligator farm

7/10/2010 - Me with my boys at the lake house

7/10/2010 - Levi, Nana, and Josiah at the lake house (did I mention Josiah fell off this swing at least 5 times in one evening?)

7/10/2010 - Josiah and Levi fishing

7/10/2010 - Caleb fishing on the boat dock

Day 7: Nana was so great to wake up early with Caleb and take him fishing. They got to fish in peace for about an hour before the other three had to join the fun. We had a late breakfast at Papa's house before saying goodbye and heading to Arlington. We met Kerry in Mount Pleasant once again so he could take Caleb with him back to Granny's house. The rest of us traveled back to Arlington in time for dinner, a short visit to see RyAnn's new house, and to wash and pack clothes for our trip to San Antonio. By the way, it was our 12th anniversary. Our plan was to have a date night while we were in San Antonio.

7/11/2010 - Me with the boys, Papa, and Loriece

7/11/2010 - Loriece, Papa, and me

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 1

We had a great time while in Texas. We stayed so busy that it will take more than one post to share. Instead of flying, we decided to drive to Texas from California. We were able to make it in two days. We stopped once in Las Cruces, NM to stay overnight. The boys were great travelers. It does help that I sit in the back with the two youngest so that I am available to meet their needs quickly and entertain them.

Day 1: We woke up and were on the road a little after 5am. We tried to stop about every 3 hours which seemed to work out pretty well. If Silas was sleeping, we kept driving. We arrived in Las Cruces, NM just in time for dinner. We decided that it would be easiest to have food delivered to the hotel. That was a great decision. After dinner, we all went swimming in the hotel pool. Then it was bedtime since we had another early morning ahead of us.

7/5/2010 - On the road

Day 2: We overslept by 30 minutes but still did a pretty good job getting on the road. The boys did a great job once again traveling in the car. We arrived in Arlington, Texas for dinner with my parents. They had dinner all ready for us which the boys barely touched. They were so excited to be out of the car and to be at Nana and Granddad's house. We stayed for about 2 hours before we got back into the car to drive the rest of the way to Granny's house. Silas slept the entire way which meant he was wide awake when we got to Granny's.

We arrived at Granny's rather late, after 10:oopm but you would have thought it was morning the boys were that excited. They were so excited to see Granny that they stayed up past midnight. Silas actually made it until 1:30am. That meant I was up that late too.

Day 3: Even though we were up late the night before, that didn't stop the boys from waking up at a regular time. We enjoyed relaxing in the morning before meeting Uncle Kent for lunch at Bodacious Barbecue. After lunch, we spent some time relaxing until Josiah got stung by a red wasp while trying to catch it with his new net. While Kerry applied ice, I ran to the store for benadryl. He fell asleep pretty much right away. That evening, Uncle Kent brought his girlfriend Christy over for us to meet. The three boys were so shy. Levi woke up from his nap while they were here. He kept his head ducked and eventually went back to lay down. As soon as they left, he came out wide awake, with a smile on his face.

Day 4: Kerry was nice to let me sleep in this morning since I was exhausted. Silas had had a tough night. He was in the middle of cutting all of his eye teeth. Once I was awake, Kerry left to go work with Kent. The boys, Granny and I went to see Toy Story 3. All of the boys really liked it, Silas included. When Kerry got back, we took the boys to Lake Gladewater to swim. They thought it was pretty cool to swim in a lake. Granny stayed at home while I sat and just watched. I am not a big fan of swimming in a lake. I mean, there are actually real live fish in there. Yikes! We ended our outing with playing at the park. The outing was just what the boys needed.

7/8/2010 - Silas swimming in Lake Gladewater

7/8/2010 - Josiah wrote his name in the sand

7/8/2010 - Josiah, Levi, and Silas enjoying the lake

7/8/2010 - All four having fun

7/8/2010 - Caleb and Levi

7/8/2010 - Silas and Josiah

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Caleb Update

Here are a few things I want to remember about Caleb at this age.

*Caleb will begin fifth grade at home this year. It going by too fast.
*I have never met anyone more passionate about reptiles than he is. He knows so much about them and it makes his day when he is able to catch a lizard, snake, or other reptile/amphibian.
*He also is developing an interest in birds. He will sit in our backyard as still as can be and see how close he can get to one.
*His artistic ability continues to increase. He never ceases to amaze me with his ability to draw. While he is drawing 3 dimensional people, I'm stuck drawing stick figures.
*He is starting to play more with his younger brothers and not get as irritated with them as he used to. He creates baseball games for them or they will bird watch in their hunting gear in the backyard. So precious to see him being a positive role model in their lives.
*He has decided to play baseball this fall.
*He loves to watch cooking shows and is a great help in the kitchen.
*If he was old enough to babysit, I'd let him. I know he would do a great job with his brothers. He's looking forward to that day since I told him I would pay him if I needed him to babysit.
*He's getting so tall. One day soon I will be looking up at him.
*He still has a take charge personality just like his Dad.

I am so proud of the young man Caleb is becoming. Although he has his moments like we all do, he has a wonderful heart and a passion for life. I am excited to see what God has planned for Him, because I know it will be amazing since he's such an amazing person. And I get to say I'm his mom!

And Caleb, since I know you read my blog I want you to know how much I love you and how blessed I am that God gave you to us. You and I sometimes reflect about how when I was pregnant with you I wanted a girl but God knew I needed you. God was right. You are a wonderful son and life wouldn't be the same without you.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Joyful Josiah

*This year, Josiah has learned how to read. I love this stage when they catch on to reading. I love being one of the first ones to watch them learn.
*He is developing such a kind heart. Repeatedly, he will recognize Silas or Levi needs something and get it without being asked.
*He is very athletic. I'm still amazed at his ability on his bicycle. He can jump ramps and go really really fast. Too fast for his mom sometimes.
*He often wants things done perfectly and at times it is overwhelming for him and he can't see past it to complete something. For example, he really struggles to pick up the toys in his room unless I'm in there counting -- pick up one toy every 5 seconds. He's getting better about realizing that the important thing is that he tries his best.
*He is really excited about being in Kindergarten even if it is at home. I think he feels he is now on Caleb's level since they will both be in school.
*He is very excited to try a sport out this year since we told him he would need to wait until he was 5 years old. He is disappointed that t-ball is not offered here in the fall and has settled for soccer instead.
*The day to him is not complete without a snack right before bed.
*His feet can withstand more than anyone I know. He runs barefoot all over the yard and street. He can even be found riding his bicycle without shoes. He can stand on burning hot pavement and it doesn't phase him at all.
*He loves his Nana dearly and I think he is often tempted to go live with her permanently.
*He may appear shy in new or large settings but that is the complete opposite of the Josiah we see at home.

I am so thankful for the blessing Josiah has been in our lives.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sweet Silas

I can't believe that Silas is almost 2 years old! Here are a few things about Silas that I want to remember.

*He loves to climb on anything! I have found him on the kitchen table, the kitchen counters, my dresser, my bathroom counter, and numerous other places.
*He likes to scream! He will scream when he's happy, when he's mad, when he's excited, when he's sad, and when he's frustrated. He is learning to say, "Help me," when he needs help instead of screaming.
*He loves to be a helper. He will pick up toys if asked. He likes to take the dishes out of the dishwasher. They might be clean and they might not.
*He loves his brothers. He can be heard calling for Caleb over and over again until Caleb answers him.
*He makes a lot of messes. One morning I actually woke up early and cleaned our kitchen before the boys woke up. I was impressed that it was staying clean. When I tried to pick up when he was awake later that day, I think I had to pick up about 20 messes he made before I actually got the area cleaned. No wonder it's hard to keep our house clean.
*He is full of life.
*His language is exploding!
*He loves being outside!
*He is still in cloth diapers. Since we've been using them for over a year, I can't imagine using anything else.
*He still loves nursing. My goal with Silas was to nurse until he was 2 years old and it looks like he will make that goal. I'm not sure how much longer we will continue. I just plan to take one day at a time for now.

He is such a sweet part of our family. He knows he's loved and that he's adorable. He has this expression that he makes sometimes where he smiles and scrunches his nose when he wants to make us laugh or to let us know that he knows we think he's cute. This is such a fun age and I love seeing him learn new things each day.