Saturday, July 03, 2010

Joyful Josiah

*This year, Josiah has learned how to read. I love this stage when they catch on to reading. I love being one of the first ones to watch them learn.
*He is developing such a kind heart. Repeatedly, he will recognize Silas or Levi needs something and get it without being asked.
*He is very athletic. I'm still amazed at his ability on his bicycle. He can jump ramps and go really really fast. Too fast for his mom sometimes.
*He often wants things done perfectly and at times it is overwhelming for him and he can't see past it to complete something. For example, he really struggles to pick up the toys in his room unless I'm in there counting -- pick up one toy every 5 seconds. He's getting better about realizing that the important thing is that he tries his best.
*He is really excited about being in Kindergarten even if it is at home. I think he feels he is now on Caleb's level since they will both be in school.
*He is very excited to try a sport out this year since we told him he would need to wait until he was 5 years old. He is disappointed that t-ball is not offered here in the fall and has settled for soccer instead.
*The day to him is not complete without a snack right before bed.
*His feet can withstand more than anyone I know. He runs barefoot all over the yard and street. He can even be found riding his bicycle without shoes. He can stand on burning hot pavement and it doesn't phase him at all.
*He loves his Nana dearly and I think he is often tempted to go live with her permanently.
*He may appear shy in new or large settings but that is the complete opposite of the Josiah we see at home.

I am so thankful for the blessing Josiah has been in our lives.

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