Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sweet Silas

I can't believe that Silas is almost 2 years old! Here are a few things about Silas that I want to remember.

*He loves to climb on anything! I have found him on the kitchen table, the kitchen counters, my dresser, my bathroom counter, and numerous other places.
*He likes to scream! He will scream when he's happy, when he's mad, when he's excited, when he's sad, and when he's frustrated. He is learning to say, "Help me," when he needs help instead of screaming.
*He loves to be a helper. He will pick up toys if asked. He likes to take the dishes out of the dishwasher. They might be clean and they might not.
*He loves his brothers. He can be heard calling for Caleb over and over again until Caleb answers him.
*He makes a lot of messes. One morning I actually woke up early and cleaned our kitchen before the boys woke up. I was impressed that it was staying clean. When I tried to pick up when he was awake later that day, I think I had to pick up about 20 messes he made before I actually got the area cleaned. No wonder it's hard to keep our house clean.
*He is full of life.
*His language is exploding!
*He loves being outside!
*He is still in cloth diapers. Since we've been using them for over a year, I can't imagine using anything else.
*He still loves nursing. My goal with Silas was to nurse until he was 2 years old and it looks like he will make that goal. I'm not sure how much longer we will continue. I just plan to take one day at a time for now.

He is such a sweet part of our family. He knows he's loved and that he's adorable. He has this expression that he makes sometimes where he smiles and scrunches his nose when he wants to make us laugh or to let us know that he knows we think he's cute. This is such a fun age and I love seeing him learn new things each day.

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