Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trip to Texas: Part 2

7/9/2010 - All the boys with Granny

Day 5: We woke up at Granny's and I started packing up the boys stuff along with mine. We left right around lunch time with Kerry and Granny. They were driving us to meet my mom in Mount Pleasant. Once we met my mom, she gave Granny and Kerry her car and then joined the boys in ours. We were headed to Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit my grandfather, Papa. We had a very smooth trip there. We stopped for dinner before going to see Papa. It was great to finally see him after so long. The boys were well behaved and we even got to go swimming at the condo's pool, a great treat for the boys. After dessert, we headed to the lake house (thanks Williene!) to rest. When Josiah saw the lake house he said, "I like this hotel better than the other one." They slept pretty well and it was great to relax.

7/9/2010 - On the road to meet up with Nana

Day 6: After getting ready, we drove back to Papa's house for breakfast. We all love the real bacon he cooks. We were trying to think of something the boys would enjoy and my mom found an alligator farm. It was small and it could use some improvement, but the boys loved it. There was a petting zoo and lots of alligators. Caleb thought it was the greatest place. There was a boy that looked about Caleb's age who was volunteering. The boy was holding a small alligator while people took turns petting it. Caleb now wants to move to Arkansas so he can volunteer there. We also go to see them feed the alligators and listen to the history of the alligator farm. We returned to the lake house to let the boys rest before Papa, Loriece, Williene, and Skip arrived for fishing and dinner. Fishing is all the boys had wanted to do since they knew we were going to Arkansas. They didn't catch anything but still had fun. After dinner, we went back to Papa's to swim some more. Then is was back to the lake house for bed.

7/10/2010 Caleb at the petting zoo

7/10/2010 - Levi, Mommy with Silas sleeping, and Josiah at the petting zoo

7/10/2010 - Caleb and Josiah petting an alligator

7/10/2010 - Nana with Levi while he pets an alligator

7/10/2010 - A few of the alligators we say at the alligator farm

7/10/2010 - Me with my boys at the lake house

7/10/2010 - Levi, Nana, and Josiah at the lake house (did I mention Josiah fell off this swing at least 5 times in one evening?)

7/10/2010 - Josiah and Levi fishing

7/10/2010 - Caleb fishing on the boat dock

Day 7: Nana was so great to wake up early with Caleb and take him fishing. They got to fish in peace for about an hour before the other three had to join the fun. We had a late breakfast at Papa's house before saying goodbye and heading to Arlington. We met Kerry in Mount Pleasant once again so he could take Caleb with him back to Granny's house. The rest of us traveled back to Arlington in time for dinner, a short visit to see RyAnn's new house, and to wash and pack clothes for our trip to San Antonio. By the way, it was our 12th anniversary. Our plan was to have a date night while we were in San Antonio.

7/11/2010 - Me with the boys, Papa, and Loriece

7/11/2010 - Loriece, Papa, and me

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