Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schooling with an almost 2 Year Old

I want to write down more of the cute and memorable things our kids say and do so that I can look back and truly enjoy them. Homeschooling with an almost 2 year old does not help keep our house clean most days, himself included. I have started keeping a basket of supplies on our table during school time. Today, Levi decided he wanted some paper and glue. No problem, let him create a masterpiece. After completing his masterpiece of construction paper with a glue design on top, he left it on the table. Not long after that, Silas found the masterpiece and thought it was shampoo. I found him scooping up the globs of glue and rubbing it in his hair. Beautiful! No picture was taken.

Tonight after dinner, Josiah and I were sitting at the table. He was watching me get things ready for tomorrow. Silas comes up and says he wants to color. After I hand him paper and crayons he says he wants to cut with scissors. So, I hand him some scissors. At this time I became busy talking with Josiah. When I glance up, it was to find that Silas had used the scissors to cut all of the brand new crayons instead of the cutting the paper. Oh well, at least it was only a box of 8 crayons.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Church

Today, we went to our new church. It was wonderful worshiping as a family this morning. Our church had VBS this past week, so the older children (K-5th or 6th grade) were in worship today. Great idea! Our two little ones were with us as well and we made it through half of the sermon before I had to step out with Silas (Josiah and Levi came too). That's a pretty good record with our boys. I look forward to one day hopefully in the near future when we can make it through an entire service sitting together as a family.

Kerry has accepted a position at this church which is about 45 minutes from where we live. We are at peace that this is where God wants us. I'm not going to post the name of the church here though. Why? I like the church very much, but I want to fall in love with this church. I want my kids to fall in love with this church. It feels like we have been many places (it's only been several), and I know each time we have known God was leading us to a certain church at that time. We have also felt his leading away from each of those churches. We're just listening to God. Caleb has even asked why some people don't have to move as much. I've tried to explain in a positive light that God sometimes needs the help of people by moving around a lot. And He picked us.

But now Caleb is 10. We haven't been somewhere long enough recently for him to make some lifelong friends, friends that love Jesus and will encourage Caleb to follow in His steps. I want to find such a connection at this church that I want to invite everyone I meet. I want to be able to say, "I love my church and would love for you to come experience it." I want Levi to finally step inside a Sunday School class and fall in love with his teachers and make some friends. I want to serve with Silas until he's confident about going to class by himself. And then I want to love on those babies that need loving familiar arms each week (since mine are growing up). I want to connect with other homeschooling families in the church so that we can be surrounded by other parents and children that homeschool. I want this church to fit us and us to fit this church.

I know I am not a jump in feet first type of person. I know it will take me longer than most to "acclimate." But I'm praying that this is a great long time fit for our family.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School

The three baseball players (random picture not related to this post)

We started homeschooling back up this week. Boy were we rusty! We have so enjoyed a couple of summer weeks mixed in with our trip to Texas. But now it's back to work. Josiah is officially in Kindergarten. He is proud to be in school like Caleb and loves letting Caleb know each day that he has finished before him. I'm working on explaining that Caleb has more work to do and that it's now a race. Josiah is doing very well and I love the questions he asks especially during our Bible Study time. Some of his latest questions include, "Who will help us find our way to heaven?" "Will we just wake up in heaven?" I love these questions! I also love seeing my kids learn to read! So much fun!

Caleb is in fifth grade. Caleb and I both will be learning a lot this year. This week has been intense as we are both learning the ropes of fifth grade and the added work that comes with being a fifth grader. He will be learning to take on more responsibility of his schooling with him doing more projects on his own. I know he will do great once we get into a routine.

I am still trying to find the best flow to our day. Levi loves to be right with Josiah when he is doing his school which means Silas is right by Levi. They don't want to be left out. Levi and Silas appear to be used to Josiah playing with them so they stay pretty close by. They will sit at the table and color or will participate in science experiments, rhymes, music -- okay most of the fun stuff.

My biggest prayer is that we find a good rhythm to our days especially with Caleb's schooling. It is a lot of learning this year and I want to balance the more challenging subjects with the more enjoyable things like art throughout the day. We are looking forward to the weekend when we can relax and just play.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cast #2 for Silas

We knew once we returned from Texas, Silas would need to be seen by an orthopedic. The Monday after we returned I called his doctor's office. It took them over a week and me leaving 3 messages to get a return phone call. This past week I called the orthopedic on Monday. By Thursday I had not received a return phone call. I called Thursday morning and they called me back around lunch time. After explaining his situation, they said he needed to be seen quickly. That got him in for the following day.

The nurse on the phone told me that they would not take the cast off the following day, because it would be too soon. After checking in, they took us down to the "casting room." The "casting guy" looked at his cast and said it was now too loose and had to come off. I was thinking wonderful thought of giving Silas a bath as soon as we got home or blowing up the little swimming pool in the backyard. Not the case. They took x-rays and even though it is healing nicely, they felt he needed to be in a cast for another 3 weeks. And not just a short cast, a long one. Silas and I aren't too happy about it. I understand why they feel he needs a long cast but now he really can't walk on much. So that means I am carrying him almost everywhere, even around the house. It also seems a little sore since he is having to move around at an odd angle. I did decide to go ahead and order a cover for the cast so that he can take a bath and maybe even go to the beach. I'm looking forward to that coming in the mail this week. Three weeks sounds like a very long time now.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Josiah Turns 5!

Our sweet second born turned five on July 26th. One of the big things on birthday at our house is the birthday cake. He had seen a birthday cake on the internet that he wanted me to make. He was very happy with the results. Kerry needed me to run an errand for him which took twice as long as expected. He got a little sad about spending his birthday in the car, but Caleb was a big encourager for him. We stopped for lunch letting him pick where we ate. Then, Caleb played all afternoon with him, a wonderful birthday gift. When asked what he wanted for dinner, he said, "Jack in the Box" That was a very random choice since we rarely eat there. So, Daddy brought it home for us. He loved opening his presents and eating his birthday cake. He especially liked the gifts Caleb gave him -- toys that Caleb didn't want anymore but knew Josiah would like. I love birthdays with Josiah. He is content with the simple things, knowing the day is all about him and that he is loved.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Texas Trip: Part 6

Day 14: Instead of a leisurely morning, we were up early to go to Braxton's tball game. They also tiny out there. After they game, we drove back to Gladewater to see Granny some more and pick up Bailey. We all took it easy that afternoon and then enjoyed playing in the backyard with the sprinkles and bubbles.

7/17/2010 - Braxton and Caleb after Braxton's game

7/17/2010 - Braxton, Caleb, Brock, and Levi

7/17/2010 - Levi loving the bubbles

7/17/2010 - Josiah playing in the sprinklers

Day 15: We went to church with Granny in the morning. The three little ones and I ended up hanging in the nursery after the singing. All three of them love when they can be in the same class together with mom. I'm sure we will be back in there again when we visit next. After church, we drove to Henderson to have lunch with Hudspeths. We met at Golden Corral. I haven't eaten there in a long time but I learned I don't think I can handle a buffet style restaurant again until at least three of our kids can carry their own plates. Plus with Silas wanting to be held most of the time, it wasn't easy. But they all loved the desserts and it was great to see family. Then we headed over the see Josh at work. Then it was back to Granny's to pick up Bailey and head back to Arlington. We dropped Bailey off at my parents and then took the boys to dinner so we could enjoy some time with the 6 of us before Kerry went back to California.

7/18/2010 - Granny and four of her boys

7/18/2010 - Part of the Mackey/Hudspeth families

7/18/2010 Cousin Josh with the boys

7/18/2010 - Josiah and Granny

7/18/2010 Caleb and Granny

7/18/2010 - Levi and Granny

7/18/2010 - Silas and Granny

7/18/2010 Kerry and Granny

Day 16: Silas and I took Kerry to the airport very early that morning around 5am. We thought we left the other 3 sleeping but Levi woke shortly after we left and was very upset. Nana and Granddad took very good care of him and he was sound asleep when we returned. We went over to RyAnn's house so the boys could play in the morning and for lunch. Then we went back to Nana and Granddad's house to relax and just be at "home." After dinner, we me Brock, Braxton, and Nate at the park to play some baseball. The boys all had fun playing.

7/10/2010 - Josiah playing ball

7/19/2010 - Granddad and Levi

7/19/2010 Caleb borrowing Brock's hat

7/19/2010 - Braxton and Levi

7/19/2010 - RyAnn and Braxton

Day 17: Today was the day planned to celebrate Josiah's birthday. We went to Chuck E. Cheese with Brock and Braxton to play games. We were supposed to have dinner at Nana and Granddad's but their air conditioner broke and we had it at RyAnn's house. Josiah got to open up his presents and then we went to watch Brock play tball. After the game, we went to Braums for ice cream.

7/20/2010 - Josiah at Chuck E. Cheese

7/20/2010 The practice shot before the good picture

7/20/2010 - All the boys together

7/20/2010 - Nana and Granddad with all their grandsons.

Day 18: Our last full day in Texas. I spent part of the morning running errands, getting last minute things for the trip back to California. We also spent most of the day packing. RyAnn brought the boys over for one last visit. I got it all my packing done and the car loaded, gas tank full, ready to leave bright and early the next morning.

Day 19: We were up and on the road right around 6am. The boys did great and it was so nice having Nana in the car with us. We made great timing for 2 ladies, 4 kids, and a dog. We stayed at the same place we stayed in Las Cruces, NM on our way out to Texas. We enjoyed ordering food in the room and the 3 older ones had a great time swimming. Silas didn't get to swim though. Josiah started to get sick that evening developing a fever.

Day 20: I was a little slow moving on this morning. The boys were too. I was able to load the entire car while they slept. We made it home in time for dinner prepared by Kerry. Everyone was glad to be out of the car and enjoyed a nice meal. Josiah really didn't feel well by the time we got to the house and fell asleep while Nana was holding him.

I am so thankful Nana was able to help us drive back. I probably could have made it but it would not have been as easy or fun without her.