Friday, August 06, 2010

Josiah Turns 5!

Our sweet second born turned five on July 26th. One of the big things on birthday at our house is the birthday cake. He had seen a birthday cake on the internet that he wanted me to make. He was very happy with the results. Kerry needed me to run an errand for him which took twice as long as expected. He got a little sad about spending his birthday in the car, but Caleb was a big encourager for him. We stopped for lunch letting him pick where we ate. Then, Caleb played all afternoon with him, a wonderful birthday gift. When asked what he wanted for dinner, he said, "Jack in the Box" That was a very random choice since we rarely eat there. So, Daddy brought it home for us. He loved opening his presents and eating his birthday cake. He especially liked the gifts Caleb gave him -- toys that Caleb didn't want anymore but knew Josiah would like. I love birthdays with Josiah. He is content with the simple things, knowing the day is all about him and that he is loved.

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