Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Church

Today, we went to our new church. It was wonderful worshiping as a family this morning. Our church had VBS this past week, so the older children (K-5th or 6th grade) were in worship today. Great idea! Our two little ones were with us as well and we made it through half of the sermon before I had to step out with Silas (Josiah and Levi came too). That's a pretty good record with our boys. I look forward to one day hopefully in the near future when we can make it through an entire service sitting together as a family.

Kerry has accepted a position at this church which is about 45 minutes from where we live. We are at peace that this is where God wants us. I'm not going to post the name of the church here though. Why? I like the church very much, but I want to fall in love with this church. I want my kids to fall in love with this church. It feels like we have been many places (it's only been several), and I know each time we have known God was leading us to a certain church at that time. We have also felt his leading away from each of those churches. We're just listening to God. Caleb has even asked why some people don't have to move as much. I've tried to explain in a positive light that God sometimes needs the help of people by moving around a lot. And He picked us.

But now Caleb is 10. We haven't been somewhere long enough recently for him to make some lifelong friends, friends that love Jesus and will encourage Caleb to follow in His steps. I want to find such a connection at this church that I want to invite everyone I meet. I want to be able to say, "I love my church and would love for you to come experience it." I want Levi to finally step inside a Sunday School class and fall in love with his teachers and make some friends. I want to serve with Silas until he's confident about going to class by himself. And then I want to love on those babies that need loving familiar arms each week (since mine are growing up). I want to connect with other homeschooling families in the church so that we can be surrounded by other parents and children that homeschool. I want this church to fit us and us to fit this church.

I know I am not a jump in feet first type of person. I know it will take me longer than most to "acclimate." But I'm praying that this is a great long time fit for our family.

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