Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Schooling with an almost 2 Year Old

I want to write down more of the cute and memorable things our kids say and do so that I can look back and truly enjoy them. Homeschooling with an almost 2 year old does not help keep our house clean most days, himself included. I have started keeping a basket of supplies on our table during school time. Today, Levi decided he wanted some paper and glue. No problem, let him create a masterpiece. After completing his masterpiece of construction paper with a glue design on top, he left it on the table. Not long after that, Silas found the masterpiece and thought it was shampoo. I found him scooping up the globs of glue and rubbing it in his hair. Beautiful! No picture was taken.

Tonight after dinner, Josiah and I were sitting at the table. He was watching me get things ready for tomorrow. Silas comes up and says he wants to color. After I hand him paper and crayons he says he wants to cut with scissors. So, I hand him some scissors. At this time I became busy talking with Josiah. When I glance up, it was to find that Silas had used the scissors to cut all of the brand new crayons instead of the cutting the paper. Oh well, at least it was only a box of 8 crayons.

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