Thursday, September 16, 2010

Josiah's First Soccer Game

Josiah had his first soccer game last Saturday. It was a lot of fun to go out and watch him play. I will admit that I was so proud of all of my boys at the game. Caleb stood on the sidelines the entire time cheering for Josiah. Silas and Levi hung out under the umbrella with me but they were cheering for Josiah. Levi could be heard shouting, "Go Josiah!" and Silas could be heard shouting, "Josiah go!" It was so cute, and I was so glad to see that they were all excited for him.

Josiah played hard. This is our first time in AYSO and at this age they split the team up and half of the team plays on one field and the other half plays on another field. We were missing a couple of players so everyone got to play the entire time. Josiah ran and ran and ran. He never stopped or complained that he was tired. Even when he fell down and got kicked in the face, he was right back up and playing hard. He had a great time. The only time he got upset and actually cried was when he set his cookie down and Silas decided to eat it. His first snack ever was eaten (a tragedy in his eyes) so Daddy came to the rescue and took him to the store to pick out a new snack.

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