Thursday, September 23, 2010

No More Injuries!

Oh, sweet Silas! Can you stop being such a risk taker, an adventurer, a flying off the couch type of child, just for one day?

Honestly, I wouldn't trade any of this about Silas. I love his personality and God made him this way for a reason. But after a busy day of running errands and homeschooling, I just didn't need any excitement. I was working with Caleb when I encouraged the other three boys to go play in the backyard. As I was talking to Levi , I heard a crash or maybe it was a bump. Anyway, it was a noise of a child getting hurt. I hadn't even seen Silas slip into the room but somehow he managed to have an accident. Caleb says he saw it all happen but I'm not too sure of his explanation.

When I went to pick him up, Caleb started hollering that Silas was bleeding. Head wombs always bleed more than other places which I have learned from personal experience with all four of our boys at one time or another. I tend not to panic unless the bleeding is coming from the face. His was coming from the back of his head somewhere underneath all of his hair. I didn't get too stressed. Okay, maybe a little. Fortunately, his cut or maybe his puncture womb wasn't too bad. It was one of those questionable injuries. Yeah, the er might have put a staple in it but they might not have. I opted to not go to the er since he was down laughing and running around 3 minutes later. He even landed on the back of his head while playing outside and it didn't phase him one bit. It looks like he's going to survive. I'm not too sure about his mama though.

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