Saturday, September 04, 2010

Silas Turns 2

Silas at the park on his birthday (went to Josiah's soccer practice)

Silas's Buzz Lightyear cake

Silas's favorite gift

I love his expression when he opened his backpack - Buzz Lightyear. He must be the baby of the family because I never would have bought the other boys character backpacks.

Silas's birthday was a pretty low key day. Daddy worked for the majority of the day but came home in time to celebrate as a family. I think he must have known it was his special day because he didn't take a nap until dinner time.

I can't believe the baby of our family is now 2. Silas still is our baby even if he is growing up quickly.
A few things about him at this age:

*He loves Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story so this year he enjoyed a Buzz Lightyear birthday cake.
*He also loves the GeoTrax trains. He can play with them for long stretches at a time.
*He loves playing outside, especially on his little toy truck. He even managed it with a broken leg.
*He loves food and will try anything. Kerry loves having one of the boys who will sit and eat anything with him.
*He has known how to say Caleb's name for a long time, but now he will call out for Josiah as well. So cute!
*If he feels like he is being left out of something exciting, he gets extremely upset. For example, Kerry has room for only 3 of the boys in his car, and he was in tears when he couldn't ride with them.
*I am planning on working on his "potty learning" this week. He has the concept down. We just need to work on it full time.
*He catches on to things really fast, and I think he understands a lot more than we think he does.
*When one of his brothers needs something, he will go out of his way to help them. The other day Levi wanted some juice and Silas went and found him some.
*We just got him a toddler bed and moved him in with Josiah and Levi. It's a very tight fit but the three boys really enjoy being together.
*He is definitely a mama's boy but he loves spending time with Daddy and his brothers.
*We have made it to the 2 year mark with breastfeeding. He's nursing less and less so I know he will gradually wean himself.
*He also still has a pacifier. I think he will give that one up on his own as well. We only have a few left. He even decided to cut one of them. Now he won't use the broken one.
*His cast came off a week before his 2nd birthday. He still walks with a slight limp and his foot seems to be turned out a little.
*He loves praying at meal times. He will shout out, "Me pray!"
*He has learned to word, "Mine," and knows how to use it.
*He really enjoys watching the trash trucks come by our house every week. As soon as he hears the truck (3 in one day) he will go upstairs to his room and look outside the window. The excitement shows on his face.
*He likes me reading Clifford books to him. He's not that interested in many other books, but he will sit for a long time and listen to Clifford over and over again.

Silas, what a joy it is to have you as part of our family. It has been so much fun to watch you grow these past two years and I look forward to the many years ahead. Even at a young age, you have a heart for others and I can't wait to see how God uses your heart for helping others as you grow up. I pray that you will grow up loving Jesus.

And because this precious 2 year old fell asleep at dinner time, he got some special one on one time with mommy until about midnight. Sweet memories. I really do love those late nights when only one is up with me. Great conversations.

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