Monday, October 11, 2010

All Boy

God didn't just bless me with boys. He blessed my with 4 boys that are all boy. If you add in Kerry and the dog, I am surrounded by 6 special people/animal that are all boy. I will admit that they do clean up well, especially for church on Sundays when collared shirts and khakis are a must for their momma. But on those summer days (that are now gone) when they have hours to play without interruption this is what they can be found doing. They spent many hours this summer playing "hunting" in our small backyard. The three little ones felt so proud to have big brother playing with them, especially hunting games.

Levi and Josiah with Silas in the dog house (aka their hunting blind)

Big brother Caleb all dressed up (notice Silas still in the dog house)

The two big brothers hanging out together

It's at times like these when I look at these pictures that I wonder why God has placed these 4 nature loving boys in a city. They long to be somewhere where they can chase creatures all day long, ride their bikes, and get dirty. They do get to ride their bikes. They have found creatures in our yard and neighbor's garage, and they do get dirty all the time. We have plenty of places around here to see God's creation but it takes planning and energy for me. I guess that means I need to get busy planning.

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