Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday, Kerry!

My sweet, dear husband is celebrating 40 years of life today! Life with him keeps me on my toes. There is one thing about Kerry that is constant and that is he is constantly changing, always wanting to try something new. Here are 40 things that you might or might not know about him.

1. He is the baby in his family.
2. He grew up in a small town in East Texas called Gladewater.
3. He is an Eagle Scout.
4. He got his degree in Forestry at Stephen F. Austin.
5. He worked as a professional forester for a few years in Arkansas before God called him into full time ministry.
6. While at seminary, he was a security officer on campus for a time.
7. He is a good golfer even though he rarely plays.
8. He has his pilot's license (although not current)
9. He got his scuba diving license and bought all the gear before Caleb was born. The scuba gear has long been sold.
10. He did get to use the above scuba diving gear while in Cozumel and Honduras.
11. He enjoys traveling to other countries sharing about Jesus.
12. Since flying is an expensive hobby, he tried remote control airplanes for awhile. The airplane was sold in a garage sale a year or two later.
13. While living in Texas, he started a non-profit organization called Aviation Fellowship where one of the goals was to place free Bibles in as many airports as possible.
14. He has a number of tattoos and I fear that by the time we have been married 50 years his entire body will be covered with them.
15. He likes trying new hairstyles. He's had it long. He's shaved it at times. He's had it in between too.
16. He can sing really well, but he doesn't like to mention it.
17. He is a great outdoors man. He has such of knowledge of the outdoors that I feel very safe being out in the wilderness with him. He is passing on his knowledge to our boys.
18. He has traveled to Sri Lanka and India and would love for the boys and I to go someday.
19. He had his concealed handgun license (not sure that's what it's called) in both Texas and Florida.
20. He likes to hunt, especially with a bow.
21. One of his dream hunts would be an elk hunt since his wife has said a definite no to bear hunts.
22. He would like to learn to weld someday, sooner rather than later. Well, he knows how but he would like the tools to learn more.
23. He enjoys fishing and Caleb is constantly asking him when he's going to get his fishing license here in California so they can go fishing.
24. He loves anything that has to do with technology. He wants to be up to date on the newest technology available at all times.
25. He is looking forward to the day when there is tv (meaning cable or satellite) in our home once again.
26. I think he could make a living cutting hair. I didn't like how my hair looked and tried to fix it (but messed it up). He then had to fix my attempt. I'm pleased with the results but he refuses to even cut the boys hair unless it's a trim. He does a good job though.
27. He has started mountain bike riding.
28. He has had four different motorcycles since we've been married.
29. Currently, he has a street legal dirt bike that he's looking to sell. At the ripe old age of 40, it's not so fun or comfortable to drive back and forth to work everyday on a dirt bike.
30. He is a great dad to his 4 boys.
31. He loves Jesus with all his heart and you can see Christ daily in Kerry.
32. He is a people person. He loves people and never meets a stranger.
33. He is not afraid of hard work.
34. He will be the first one to volunteer to help someone at any time. He's especially good during a crisis - like broken bones, blood, and stitches (I'm getting better).
35. He continues to work hard to provide for me and the boys allowing me the privilege to homeschool our boys and take care of our home which is what I have wanted to do since I was a little girl.
36. He always tells the truth even if it's not what you want to hear.
37. Overall, he's pretty easy going.
38. He is a man of integrity.
39. He is a smart guy and most things come really easy for him.
40. He is the husband I prayed for.

Happy 40th birthday! I'm looking forward to spending the next 40+ birthdays celebrating with you!

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