Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nature Hikes

This year I've been trying to take the boys on more nature hikes. It's been pretty amazing to discover things that are so near to our house. There are plenty of wide open places for the boys to explore. It just takes a little planning. They would stay outside all day if they could. If it was that easy to pack up all of our school books and lunch each day, I might just do it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nana's November Visit

Nana came to visit us the first week in November. We were all so excited to see her. She arrived at LAX at 11:00pm on Friday evening, November 5th. When I left alone to go pick her up all four boys were awake. They were so excited Nana was coming. My mom and I were looking forward to some uninterrupted conversation on our way home which is impossible with 4 boys. We did enjoy our quiet conversation and our milkshakes.

Saturday started very early with Josiah's soccer game at 8:15am. After soccer, we enjoyed some time playing outside. After lunch, it was time for Caleb's baseball game. By the end of Caleb's game, we were all a little worn out. We had dinner, celebrated Nana's birthday, enjoyed a movie, and went to bed (not as smooth as it sounds).

The boys were excited to help Nana celebrate a belated birthday.

Sunday morning found us at church. Levi enjoyed his class with Caleb serving, and Josiah, Nana, Silas and I went to the worship service. After the first hour, Caleb went to his class while the rest of us had a snack and played on the playground (just the boys). We got home with plenty of time for lunch before Caleb had another baseball game. Josiah and Levi didn't want to go to another baseball game so Nana stayed home with them while Silas and I took Caleb to his game. Kerry joined us as soon as he could. We enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

The best picture we could get at church.

Monday morning we were moving pretty slow after a busy weekend. Nana treated us to a tasty lunch before it was time to take her back to the airport. It was a fun but very short visit with her. Thanks for coming to see us, Nana!

Nana and the boys before taking her to the airport

Monday, November 15, 2010

Family Fun Festival 2010

Caleb dressed up as a dirt bike rider. He couldn't seem to decide if he wanted to dress up, but in the end he did.

Silas is wearing the costume Levi was supposed to wear until he changed his mind. This picture was taken at 9:00pm when Silas had a lot of sugar in his system. He had so much he was crawling around on the floor barking like a dog.

Josiah dressed up as a knight. I'm so thankful that Josiah doesn't always want something new. He went into our costume box and decided on the knight. He was almost Buzz Lightyear for 3 years in a row.

Levi wanted to be a dirt bike rider after we had bought him the knight costume. He was really excited when a big kid dressed in his dirt bike gear came up to him and gave him a high five.

Sunday, October 31, 2010 was a very busy day. It all started early when we drove the 40 minutes to church. Josiah went to his Bible Study class, Caleb served with Levi, and I volunteered in Silas's class. As soon as we were finished, Caleb changed into his baseball uniform so we could go to his game. We had a picnic lunch in the car as we drove.

I won the worst mom of the day award when I took Caleb to the wrong baseball game. By the time I was able to find which field we were actually on (which was about 15 minutes from the field we were at), the game had already started. Caleb was very upset, and I felt horrible. I made him miss his game.

We went home for about an hour which was long enough to change into their costumes for the Family Fun Festival. When we arrived, I realized I had forgotten half of Silas's costume. I was a little frustrated. The boys had a blast, and I was pleased with the organization of the event. To conclude the evening since we had not had dinner, the boys got to eat as much candy as they wanted on the way home. We were all hungry. Two boys fell asleep in the car (I did brush their teeth while they were sleeping) and the other two remember they needed dinner at 9:00pm. I'm glad our day ended well.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Granddad Comes for a Visit

Last week, Granddad came for a visit. It was so good to see him since we hadn't seen him since July! He arrived Wednesday, October 27, and we kept him busy from the moment he arrived.
Wednesday evening, Granddad rode over to Yorba Linda with us since Caleb had Element (Wednesday night Bible Study for 5th and 6th graders). Kerry took Granddad and the three little ones back to the house while I stayed with Caleb getting to serve as a driver for his group.

Thursday morning, we headed to Tanaka Farms. The boys had a blast picking out pumpkins and petting all the goats in the petting zoo. It brought back sad memories for them since we had talked about getting a goat or two if we had stayed in Florida. They still had fun. In the afternoon, the boys and I had some official school time while Granddad took some time to work.

Friday morning, we took Granddad to the beach. We hadn't been in awhile, and the boys were thrilled to play in the sand and the cold water. That evening, Granddad got to watch Caleb's baseball practice. We ended the evening by watching Prince Caspien. I was amazed that the three oldest ones stayed awake for the entire movie.

Saturday was supposed to be Josiah's soccer game but it was cancelled due to rain. We still went to the park to let him show Granddad how he plays soccer complete with all of his gear. They had more fun on the playground than they did on the soccer field. Granddad treated us to a nice lunch, and then it was time to take him back to the airport. We were sad to see him go but are looking forward to seeing Nana tomorrow night.