Monday, November 22, 2010

Nana's November Visit

Nana came to visit us the first week in November. We were all so excited to see her. She arrived at LAX at 11:00pm on Friday evening, November 5th. When I left alone to go pick her up all four boys were awake. They were so excited Nana was coming. My mom and I were looking forward to some uninterrupted conversation on our way home which is impossible with 4 boys. We did enjoy our quiet conversation and our milkshakes.

Saturday started very early with Josiah's soccer game at 8:15am. After soccer, we enjoyed some time playing outside. After lunch, it was time for Caleb's baseball game. By the end of Caleb's game, we were all a little worn out. We had dinner, celebrated Nana's birthday, enjoyed a movie, and went to bed (not as smooth as it sounds).

The boys were excited to help Nana celebrate a belated birthday.

Sunday morning found us at church. Levi enjoyed his class with Caleb serving, and Josiah, Nana, Silas and I went to the worship service. After the first hour, Caleb went to his class while the rest of us had a snack and played on the playground (just the boys). We got home with plenty of time for lunch before Caleb had another baseball game. Josiah and Levi didn't want to go to another baseball game so Nana stayed home with them while Silas and I took Caleb to his game. Kerry joined us as soon as he could. We enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

The best picture we could get at church.

Monday morning we were moving pretty slow after a busy weekend. Nana treated us to a tasty lunch before it was time to take her back to the airport. It was a fun but very short visit with her. Thanks for coming to see us, Nana!

Nana and the boys before taking her to the airport

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