Monday, January 31, 2011

Caleb's Other Side

December 30, 2010 - A day of no traveling. This is what Caleb did with the bath foam he received in his stocking. The boys enjoyed no traveling on this day. I once again could be found washing clothes and repacking for our trip to Arkansas.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texas Bowl - Sic'em Bears!

Wednedsday, December 29, 2010
Baylor was playing in the Texas Bowl and my parents were so nice to get us tickets. Kerry stayed in East Texas with his Mom while the boys and I drove to Houston to meet Nana, Granddad, Brock, and Braxton for the game.

The drive to Houston wasn't bad. The boys were great! We weren't anticipating so much rain. Fortunately, I had my Ergo with me and put Silas on my back for the walk into the stadium. We were all pretty wet by the time we arrived inside but so was everyone else. It didn't seem to dampen the mood of our boys though. Our boys were great cheerleaders and even though we were sitting pretty high up, I'm sure the football players could hear them cheering. We were sad that they lost but were glad we got to be there for the game.

By the time we started driving back to Arlington, it was pretty late. I was so tired that I had to talk to Kerry to stay awake. When we stopped for a break, my mom got in the car with me so I could stay awake. Once I had someone in the car who was awake, it wasn't bad. The boys slept the entire way home.

Braxton and Josiah

Caleb and Brock

Silas and Me

Levi, Nana, Braxton, Josiah, and Granddad (in the background)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Time with Granny and Uncle Kent

Sunday, December 26, 2010 - We woke up and went to church with Granny this morning. We were all a little tired waking up, but we were glad we went. After lunch, Uncle Kent stopped by for a visit. The boys were thrilled to see him! You kept hearing, "Uncle Kent, Uncle Kent!" all afternoon.

Uncle Kent with Caleb, Josiah, and Levi

Uncle Kent and Levi

Monday, December 27, 2010 - We had a nice day. While Granny was at work, we relaxed in the morning and squeezed in a little shopping. Kerry got to go hunting in the afternoon. We all went to Sears that evening to have pictures taken. They turned out great! To conclude the fun day, we got to eat at one of my favorite restaurants in Longview, Posados.

Granny and the family

Tuesday, December 28, 2010 - Kerry enjoyed some more hunting while I took time to wash clothes and pack. That evening, we met Uncle Kent for dinner in Tyler. The boys were glad to see him one last time before we left Gladewater. Little did we know we would be back in East Texas again before heading to California.

Uncle Kent and Silas

Caleb and Granny (I had planned to take pictures of the boys with Granny before we left. I didn't think about them falling asleep on the way home from dinner.)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Day

Josiah, Nana, Caleb, Granddad, Silas, and Levi

I was so excited for Christmas Day to finally arrive. I will admit that I was exhausted though. I was trying to repack for our trip to East Texas to be with Kerry's mom, trying to decide what I should leave at my parents and what I should take with us all while trying to savor "Christmas."
Kerry, Silas, Caleb, Levi, Me, and Josiah

We, meaning the boys, relaxed until it was time to go pick up Kerry at the airport. Caleb was really tired of going places so he chose to stay at my parents. He even agreed to stay upstairs while they were getting Christmas ready. I think he is a lot like me in that he enjoys time alone. The other three were so excited to see Daddy.

Kerry and Silas

My sister and her family arrived around 2:00 or 3:00p.m. We all opened our stockings before eating dinner. After dinner, the boys could wait no longer for presents. They had a blast and were thrilled that mom had finally caved in and let them get toy nerf guns for Christmas from Nana and Granddad. They got to play and have dessert while I started packing the car for our drive to Gladewater.

All the cousins

Then, it was time to get in the car to go celebrate with Granny. We took two cars since Kerry and I would not be returning to Arlington at the same time. Kerry had the three little ones with him while Caleb and I enjoyed some quiet time together. It had been so long since the boys last saw Granny that they were super excited, and they could hardly wait for Christmas to begin at her house. Unfortunately, I was so tired and the boys so excited that I couldn't keep up with pictures once we got there. I did get one good picture of Granny though!

Granny with her gift

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

(Very long post so that when I actually find time to scrapbook, all the details will be in one place)

My Dad flew to California on Tuesday, December 14th to drive us to Texas. He gets Granddad of the year for driving me, 4 boys, and a dog all the way to Texas. He even helped gas the car and take Bailey for potty breaks. Wednesday evening, Caleb had "Mock Rock" at church for Element. Families were invited to attend. Caleb was so funny as he participated in his group's act.

Caleb dressed up as an elf - his group won 2nd place

Thursday, December 16th - We woke up early and drove all the way to Las Cruces, NM. What great travelers we have! The boys enjoyed swimming in the hotel pool once we arrived. They were also very excited to watch television since we don't have cable or satellite in our home.

Friday, December 17th - Texas here we come! Once again, it was a full day of travel, but Nana and Granddad's house was our destination! We arrived to find my favorite meal cooked by my mom. The boys were thrilled to be out of the car and being at their home away from home. RyAnn, Brock, and Braxton even stopped by for a few minutes.

Saturday, December 18th - I was so thankful to not have much to do on this day. I spent most of this day trying to get organized. It was a beautiful, warm day, so Nana and RyAnn to all six boys to the park to play while I tried to unpack.

Sunday, December 19th - We went to church with Nana and Granddad. Caleb went early with Nana to volunteer in the nursery. He loves serving! We enjoyed the Christmas musical. My sister and her family came too. After that, we enjoyed another wonderful homemade lunch. Sunday afternoon was spent playing in the backyard and relaxing. Nana and Granddad took us to look at Christmas lights that night, and then we stopped by RyAnn's house for a quick visit before calling it a night.

6 cousins having fun with their silly pose

Monday, December 20th - My mom received a phone call that Papa had fallen and broken his hip. Plans were made quickly for her to make a trip to Arkansas that day. Meanwhile, me, my sister, Nana, Nate, and all the boys headed to the mall to go ice skating. Wow! What a workout! Nana watched and stood with those that needed a break until she had to leave for Arkansas. Caleb and Josiah took to ice skating how they do every other sport - with ease. You would have thought they had been skating for years. I had to take turns taking Levi and Silas around the rink. It was not easy. It would have been so much easier to pick them up and skate. However, I'm not that confident in my skating ability to risk injuring one of my children. After skating, we took a ride on the carousel before going to the house.

Josiah and Caleb ice skating

Levi riding the carousel. He was not too happy about the horses we/mom and Silas chose for the ride. He was fine once it started.

Tuesday, December 21st - We went to one of our favorite places - Fossil Rim. Our families have grown so much (okay ours has grown) that we now have to take two cars. Caleb and Josiah loved feeding the animals. Levi liked the "little deer" but none of the larger animals. Silas enjoyed all of the animals as long as he didn't get too close to them. Our favorite is always feeding the giraffes. I don't think Braxton would agree though since he screamed as his Mommy tried to get him to feed the giraffes, but everyone else enjoyed seeing these gentle creatures up close and feeding them out of our hands.

The giraffes eating out of RyAnn's hand

Granddad with all the boys

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - I really wasn't planning on taking the boys to the Fort Worth Zoo this time, but they asked to go. We visit the Fort Worth Zoo at least once a year and the boys never grow tired of going. The had a new section of the zoo open - The Museum of Living Art, and the boys were excited to see it since the reptiles and amphibians were in there. Plus, there is always plenty of room for four boys to run and play. It was a perfect day to go since it was a little cool. This meant most of the animals were up and moving around. We even got to see the hippos get out of the water which has never happened when we've visited in the past.

My mom returned home this evening. I know she felt torn to be in two places at once - home with us and in Arkansas with her Dad.

The boys inside the new exhibit - The Museum of Living Art

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - All of the boys except Caleb went to the movies with me, Nana, and RyAnn. Caleb opted to stay at the house with Granddad. I think all of the activities caught up with him, and he needed a rest.

Silas and Levi with my parents' new baby - Lily. This is about as close as anyone can get to her besides my parents. She ended up really liking Silas for some reason. She didn't want me near her, but she actually tolerated Silas trying to pick her up once. She didn't even run away from him once he let go. I think they all want a little dog now.

Friday, December 24, 2010 - Caleb, Silas, and I ran some last minute errands before the Christmas Eve service at my parents' church. Caleb picked out a new sweater while we were out. He also went early with Granddad to church, and when we arrived he was already helping pass out the candles to everyone. During the service, they served the Lord's Supper. Granddad had to take Silas out, because he was so heartbroken that he couldn't take part in the Lord's Supper. All of the boys, especially Levi and Silas thought holding the candles during Silent Night was pretty exciting. I think this is the first Christmas Eve Kerry and I didn't see each other since we met, but it was really nice getting to spend it with family and not feel so lonely while Kerry was serving on Christmas Eve.

Me and my boys

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in California

Since we knew we wouldn't be in California for Christmas, we decided to celebrate on Saturday, December 11th. The boys and I were headed to Texas on the 16th with Kerry arriving on the 25th, and that was the best morning for our family. In our house, the boys don't seem to think Christmas counts unless it's in the morning. Well, that's there preference, but they didn't complain when we celebrated Christmas in the van a few years ago.

Anyway, like always they were excited that "Christmas" had arrived! They enjoyed opening their gifts, playing with them all day, and deciding what new things just had to make the trip to Texas with them.

Daddy with his boys

The boys waiting until we tell them they can come down the stairs

Silas checking out his new bow

Caleb ready to open gifts

Josiah with his snake book

Levi can't wait to eat his candy

This may be the last year mommy is without make up on Christmas morning.