Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas Day

Josiah, Nana, Caleb, Granddad, Silas, and Levi

I was so excited for Christmas Day to finally arrive. I will admit that I was exhausted though. I was trying to repack for our trip to East Texas to be with Kerry's mom, trying to decide what I should leave at my parents and what I should take with us all while trying to savor "Christmas."
Kerry, Silas, Caleb, Levi, Me, and Josiah

We, meaning the boys, relaxed until it was time to go pick up Kerry at the airport. Caleb was really tired of going places so he chose to stay at my parents. He even agreed to stay upstairs while they were getting Christmas ready. I think he is a lot like me in that he enjoys time alone. The other three were so excited to see Daddy.

Kerry and Silas

My sister and her family arrived around 2:00 or 3:00p.m. We all opened our stockings before eating dinner. After dinner, the boys could wait no longer for presents. They had a blast and were thrilled that mom had finally caved in and let them get toy nerf guns for Christmas from Nana and Granddad. They got to play and have dessert while I started packing the car for our drive to Gladewater.

All the cousins

Then, it was time to get in the car to go celebrate with Granny. We took two cars since Kerry and I would not be returning to Arlington at the same time. Kerry had the three little ones with him while Caleb and I enjoyed some quiet time together. It had been so long since the boys last saw Granny that they were super excited, and they could hardly wait for Christmas to begin at her house. Unfortunately, I was so tired and the boys so excited that I couldn't keep up with pictures once we got there. I did get one good picture of Granny though!

Granny with her gift

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