Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas in California

Since we knew we wouldn't be in California for Christmas, we decided to celebrate on Saturday, December 11th. The boys and I were headed to Texas on the 16th with Kerry arriving on the 25th, and that was the best morning for our family. In our house, the boys don't seem to think Christmas counts unless it's in the morning. Well, that's there preference, but they didn't complain when we celebrated Christmas in the van a few years ago.

Anyway, like always they were excited that "Christmas" had arrived! They enjoyed opening their gifts, playing with them all day, and deciding what new things just had to make the trip to Texas with them.

Daddy with his boys

The boys waiting until we tell them they can come down the stairs

Silas checking out his new bow

Caleb ready to open gifts

Josiah with his snake book

Levi can't wait to eat his candy

This may be the last year mommy is without make up on Christmas morning.

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