Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texas Bowl - Sic'em Bears!

Wednedsday, December 29, 2010
Baylor was playing in the Texas Bowl and my parents were so nice to get us tickets. Kerry stayed in East Texas with his Mom while the boys and I drove to Houston to meet Nana, Granddad, Brock, and Braxton for the game.

The drive to Houston wasn't bad. The boys were great! We weren't anticipating so much rain. Fortunately, I had my Ergo with me and put Silas on my back for the walk into the stadium. We were all pretty wet by the time we arrived inside but so was everyone else. It didn't seem to dampen the mood of our boys though. Our boys were great cheerleaders and even though we were sitting pretty high up, I'm sure the football players could hear them cheering. We were sad that they lost but were glad we got to be there for the game.

By the time we started driving back to Arlington, it was pretty late. I was so tired that I had to talk to Kerry to stay awake. When we stopped for a break, my mom got in the car with me so I could stay awake. Once I had someone in the car who was awake, it wasn't bad. The boys slept the entire way home.

Braxton and Josiah

Caleb and Brock

Silas and Me

Levi, Nana, Braxton, Josiah, and Granddad (in the background)

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