Sunday, February 27, 2011

So Thankful

Tonight, I reflecting on how sweet our church has been to our family. Words will not be able to express how loved and cared for we have felt. My children are so important to me, and it's important to me that they love church, whatever that may look like.

For about 3 weeks in a row, Josiah was very upset about going to his class. This year is the first year he has gone to his own class on a consistent basis without mom as one of his teachers. Everyone involved went out of their way to make Josiah feel loved and special. He is now in the other Kindergarten class and is thriving. I asked him about it, and he said the other class just had too many girls. And the other class has more boys. I thanked his previous teacher for caring for Josiah and shared what he had said. She was able to confirm that there were more girls. I guess when you are one of 4 boys at home, having more boys around makes you feel at home. It was great to see him smiling as he literally ran to his class this morning.

I'm also thankful that Caleb gets to serve. He is serving with Levi at this time, and it was so nice this morning when Levi was a little tired to know that big brother was right there with him to give him that assurance he needed. I also love the fact that Levi loves going to "big church" every week. He loves his "music time." This morning as we were in the balcony, he stood the entire time clapping to every song.

For me, I love the fact that I get to serve with my children. We have been at churches where parents can't serve with their children, but this is super important to me. I love watching Silas in his Bible Study class. It's funny to see that he will hardly say 3 words in class the entire time but talks our ears off at home. He is so serious which is the opposite of his personality at home. But he loves going to church which is more important.

So, I'm thankful to God for putting us at our church at this time in our lives.

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