Monday, March 07, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday, Levi!

Dear Levi,
You are four years old today! What an amazing year it has been! Shortly after turning three, you got hurt and had to take a trip to the emergency for a few stitches. Thankfully, you recovered quickly and were outside playing the next day. We also confirmed that your VSD had closed but that you had a PFO. We were so thankful that the cardiologist said that it wasn't serious at all, that it was very common. Your speech has improved greatly this year as you are learning to read. Seeing the sounds on paper makes it easier for you to know how to say the words.

Your heart still melts when you see a baby. You love your brothers, especially Silas. I loved that you wanted to share your birthday with him. It would have been fun if you two had been funds. I would have enjoyed that a lot. You turned into a little boy this year, no more toddler in you. You love choosing what clothes you will wear and riding your bicycle without training wheels.

I am so excited to see what this year holds for you - hopefully calmer than last, no trips to the er or heart issues. I pray that your heart for Jesus continues to grow. Just today you told me that I was going to die and that I would be in Heaven with God and Jesus. You are so right, one day I will, but I pray I will get to raise you boys first. One more year until you are an official kindergartner. Wow! I can't believe it. I'm so thankful that God brought you into our lives. You are our sweet, lovable Levi, our bonus baby, our only California boy. Mommy loves you!

The snake cake Levi requested.

Levi can hardly wait to start catching creatures with Caleb.

Levi getting ready to taste his cake.

Levi is thrilled with his new car seat. No more 5-point harness for him!

*And yes, Levi, you picked out the clothes you wanted to wear on your birthday. It would not have been your Mommy's choice, but you were happy.

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