Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Promised Fun

The Promised Fun - A Trip to the Beach

The boys were thrilled to take some time to stop at the beach, Josiah especially. We can't believe he got in the water. It was ice cold in my opinion when my toes accidentally got touched by the water. Caleb, who is normally in the water with Josiah, was even wearing a sweatshirt. It was a fun way to end our day. We hadn't really done anything just the six of us in awhile, so it was nice. It's always nice seeing the boys smile while doing something fun.

Josiah thrilled to be in the water

Josiah and Caleb

What a view to have while swinging

Silas and Levi with Daddy

Silas, Levi, Caleb, and Josiah

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The Family Stone said...

What a beautiful family of boys you have! I'm always interested to see how other moms and dads of large families handle their crew. Looks like you guys have lots of fun!