Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sweet Words

Levi is turning four on Monday. He is so excited that his special day of the year has almost arrived. As he and I were talking about him turning four, he said some of the sweetest words. He told me that he wished Silas (his two year old brother) was turning four with him. How many brothers would want to celebrate their birthdays together and wish to be the same age? It just melted my heart.

These two brothers are the sweetest things to watch. When talking to one another during play, they are engrossed in their conversation. Their pretend play is amazing. It is so cute to hear them pretend that one of them is a baby or a puppy. Their voices change pitch like when adults talk to babies or young children. It is just so cute. These two also can make the biggest messes, especially this past week. During school with Caleb and Josiah, Silas and Levi at times will escape to their room for up to an hour at a time (I do grow concerned when all is quiet and check on them from time to time). At the end of those play times, I find toys dumped all over their room as they have been busy playing. I can handle the messes when I see how well they play together and love each other. It's going to be fun watching their friendship grow!

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