Monday, April 04, 2011

It Feels Like the Dominoe Effect

Josiah, Silas, and Levi after tie-dying shirts

It was Friday night and all was quiet, a peaceful feeling for me in the house when everyone is sleeping except for me. Only, it didn't last long. Kerry had fallen asleep in Caleb's room since our bed still had piles of clean clothes to fold all over it, and he didn't want to wait or maybe knew not to bother waiting (I don't blame him as I didn't really get around to the clothes that night). As I was contemplating what to do with the clothes, Josiah comes walking into my room. He's coughing some, but he looks really flushed. As he crawled on top of the clothes to find some place on the bed, I felt his forehead. It was warm. I managed to find the thermometer and sure enough, he had a fever. I found some medicine for him (we rarely have medicine on hand in our house) and he went right back to sleep.

He was fever free in the morning. The boys enjoyed playing outside with Kerry for a lot of the day. As it got closer dinnertime, I started wondering if Josiah should go to church and expose whatever germs he had. Well, a little after dinner, his fever started coming back. Then, I noticed that Silas felt warm. He had a fever too. Definitely confirmed that I shouldn't take at least two to church the next morning. As we're getting ready for bed, Levi says he sick too. I thought he just didn't want to miss out on bubble gum medicine, but he had a fever too.

Josiah and Levi's fevers haven't lasted long. Josiah has a bad sounding cough. Silas's fever is still lingering, but as I feel him right now, I think it has gone down quite a bit. It sure felt like dominoes as one right after the other got sick. Fortunately, the rest of us haven't caught it. We are praying for speedy recoveries and that the rest of us stay healthy.

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Terri said...

I know sometimes it happens that way! Hope everyone is well soon!