Monday, May 09, 2011

Uncle Kent Comes for a Visit

4/7/2011 - At Bass Pro Shop with Uncle Kent

Uncle Kent (Kerry's brother) came for a visit back in April (April 6-8 for my notes). The boys were so so excited when they learned that he was coming. If Kent was coming for a rest, it would have been impossible because the boys wanted to be near him every waking second.

Kerry picked him up at the airport on Wednesday and made it home just in time for dinner. We all enjoyed just relaxing the rest of the evening. Thursday morning found Kerry working, but we all met up with him for lunch and then headed to one of the boys' favorite places - Bass Pro Shop. The boys were thrilled (Kerry included) when Uncle Kent bought them a couple of guns. I have no idea what kind but my boys are happy. Dinner, renting movies, and dessert finished our evening. Saturday came all too quickly when we took Uncle Kent back to the airport. Silas walked around for several days asking where Uncle Kent was.

4/8/2011 Uncle Kent and Silas

4/8/2011 - Levi and Uncle Kent

4/8/2011 - Josiah and Uncle Kent

4/8/2011 - Caleb and Uncle Kent

4/8/2011 - Uncle Kent and the boys

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