Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Very Busy Easter

We had a very busy Easter weekend. Our church had two services on Friday, so Caleb and I helped serve in the preschool area for one service with our three little helpers. After serving the first service, our entire family went to the second service. I love when we are all together which is rare these days as Caleb is busy serving one hour and attending his class the second hour. Anyway, we made it through the entire service without leaving! That is a great accomplishment for our family of six and it was wonderful to worship together.

4/23/2011 - Caleb and Levi dying Easter eggs

Saturday was pretty busy as well with running errands like groceries and birthday shopping for Caleb. The boys and I also enjoyed our Easter egg dying while Dad was at church. Dying Easter eggs this year was a little crazier than normal with everyone wanting to do their own and me making the mistake of using those little plastic cups instead of the glass cups I've used for 11 years. We had 2 spills before I switched back to my glass ones.

4/23/2011 - Josiah finishing one of his eggs

4/23/2011 - Silas thought he was very big and didn't want any help

4/24/2011 - Dad, Silas, Levi, Josiah , and Caleb

Our church had three services on Easter Sunday (I shouldn't complain since in the past we have endured Kerry being at 16 services), and we had to get to church really early to serve. The boys were troopers as we served one hour, took a break for an early picnic lunch, and served another hour with Daddy helping too! They thought that was a treat to have Daddy helping.

To top it off, Caleb turned 11 this year. He decided early on that he didn't want to celebrate on the 24th since it was going to be a busy day. He wanted a full day of his own, so he opted to celebrate on Monday the 25th instead - a smart decision.

4/24/2011 - Me and the boys

4/24/2011 - Caleb the birthday boy

4/24/2011 - Josiah loving his hat!

4/24/2011 - Levi

4/24/2011 - Silas

4/24/2011 - Silas and Levi - Best Brothers, Best Friends

By the time we arrived home from church, we were exhausted. We all agreed to let whoever was sleeping to nap as long as possible. The boys didn't get to do their egg hunt until dinner time but they all seemed okay with that. We had dinner, skyped with my parents so Caleb could open his present from them, and then it was time for me to start making Caleb's birthday cake, his own design. What a busy but fun weekend!

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