Friday, July 29, 2011

Caleb's New Bow

Right around Christmas, Caleb decided he wanted a bow. Knowing how expensive bows and accessories can be, we told him that if he raised half of the money, we would pay the other half. I am amazed at how hard he worked at saving his money. He saved any money he got from Christmas and birthdays. He worked hard on chores around the house. He even became aware of coins laying on sidewalks and would always pick them up. Granny even graciously helped contribute to his bow.

Well, it took him until right before we moved to our new house to earn his half. By that time, we asked him to wait until we moved. He patiently did. Well, the day finally came when Kerry took him to the bow shop to buy his bow. Unfortunately, they did not have one in the store, and it would have to be ordered. When the bow came in, it wasn't the right bow. Caleb was disappointed and Kerry was close to mad. It seemed like forever until the bow got here, but it finally arrived and was ready to be picked up on Wednesday. He was so excited to get his hands on his bow. He has been in the backyard practicing everyday since then, already breaking a few arrows.

We are so proud of Caleb for working so hard saving for something he really wanted. He is learning the value of money which is so important. Way to go, Caleb!

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Funderstorm said...

Friend, I have been bad about leaving comments...I'm a blog lurker. I read them when I can. I know you understand.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you make me smile...everytime. I love that you seem to say what you're thinking. I love keeping up with the family. I love seeing Kerry get older( never seem to!) and keeping up with the boys who don't even know me, yet I feel like their proud Aunt.

I just thought it was about time that I stopped and let you know that I do follow you and pray for your family. I just don't always comment.

Consider yourself hugged!