Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Josiah!

Our sweet, precious, blessing from God turned six yesterday. Wow! The time has flown! Josiah loves life to the fullest. He is still very athletic. He continues to ride his bike like a pro and jumps ramps in the street. He also enjoys his scooter and is tinkering with a skateboard. He wants to try basketball this year and maybe baseball (one sport at a time). He enjoys reading and being read to. He wants to be able to do is best at whatever the task and at times becomes frustrated. He is improving. He is so good about sharing his things with his brothers. He had a big transition when we moved into our current house. He is now sharing a room with Caleb. At times, he wants to be big like Caleb and really tries hard to be big, but at other times he contemplates going back to sharing a room with Levi and Silas and just being 6.

Josiah showed me that I didn't know everything when it came to being a mom. I think God knew I needed that reminder. He never did scream for hours at a time like some babies I've heard about, but he always woke up making noise/fussing. He always calmed easily. He loved going to sleep with an arm. As he got older, he would tell me he needed an arm which meant he needed to lay his head on my arm. He didn't like to sit still and still struggles with sitting still unless he has an electronic or a book.

There is just something about Josiah, that I want to make sure he knows that he's loved, special, and a very important part of this family. Maybe it's because he's in the middle - Caleb is the oldest and Silas and Levi are the babies (they might as well be twins). He has lived in 5 houses in his life, 6 if you count the RV, 7 if you count temporary housing in Florida, and 8 if you count the couple of months we lived with my parents while Kerry was traveling. When we added it up one day, he wanted to be sure and count the time we lived with Nana and Granddad. So, that's a lot for one 6 year old. We love him so much, and thank God for bringing Josiah into our lives. I know God must have an amazing plan for him.
Opening presents with Daddy

Josiah had his special day all planned. He wanted to open presents as soon as Daddy got home for lunch. Then he wanted to go the beach, eating a picnic dinner while we were there. Then, we would come back home for birthday cake. And that is just what we did!
Josiah relaxing in the sand after boogie boarding

Josiah ready to blow out his candles. He found a picture of a cake on the internet, and I did my best to make his look similar. He thought it looked great and that was all that mattered.

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Kristen OQ said...

I think Josiah and Seth would be the best of friends -- they sounds so much the same. Glad your sweet middle son had a great birthday celebration!