Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trip to Lake Tahoe

My parents were planning a trip to Lake Tahoe and asked if we wanted to join them. I had never been, so I quickly said, "Yes!" Kerry has already used his vacation time to celebrate his mom's 80th birthday and later has a hunt planned, so he could not join us. When Caleb found out that Dad wasn't coming along, he asked if he could stay home with Dad. After thinking about it, we agreed that he could stay home.

On Friday, July 15th, Josiah, Levi, Silas, and I pulled out of the driveway at 6:00am to drive to Lake Tahoe. It was a beautiful drive, and the boys were great travelers. We met my parents at their first condo in South Lake Tahoe. We had a very early dinner/late lunch since we didn't see many options during our "lunch time." The boys enjoyed snacking though and never once complained about a late lunch. After eating, the boys enjoyed some time swimming in a cold (although heated) pool, playground, and hot tub. They also had some fun playing their version of pool. They took baths, had snacks, and fell asleep watching a movie as they were all exhausted from our day.

Saturday, July 16th, my dad and I each turned a year older. We have only been separated on our birthdays twice since I've been alive - once when I turned 14 on a mission trip and when I turned 22 on my honeymoon. It was great celebrating with him. We went on a hike to see a lake, ate lunch out, checked into the next condo, ate dinner, and took the boys swimming. Josiah even enjoyed some of the birthday fun getting to open his birthday presents from Nana and Granddad. We ended the evening by taking a walk down to the beach on Lake Tahoe.

Sunday morning, we all went to a church close by. It's always different attending a church where you have no responsibilities or know anyone. We had lunch, and I attempted a "rest time" which even though they watched a movie, they didn't sleep. So, after an hour, we got up, put our swimsuits on and went to the kiddie pool. That was a great choice! The boys played for hours, and I didn't have to constantly be worrying that someone might drown. They literally spent all afternoon swimming. Then, it was time for dinner, snacks, a quick trip to the hot tub while my parents sent to the store for Benadryl for Silas's mosquito bites that had gotten rather large, baths, and movie time. Us grown ups actually go to enjoy part of the evening as the boys slept.

Monday morning, we headed to Squaw Valley. Our day started by Josiah trying out a zip line which he loved. We then took the cable car to the top of the mountain. The boys loved playing in the snow and roller skating at the top. After spending a couple of hours at the top, we took the cable car back down. We ate in Truckee for lunch before returning to the condo. The boys wanted to go to the kiddie pool again and played for a couple of hours. We had a late dinner, snacks, and one last movie time. Time to start packing the bags.

Tuesday morning, we got up and started loading the cars. We drove into Carson City for lunch, and then it was time to say goodbye to Nana and Granddad. They had to fly back t0 Texas, and the boys and I started our drive back to SoCal. They once again did great on the drive back. Even though they had tons of fun, they were thrilled to see Caleb and Daddy when we got home.

P.S. For some reason, blogger keeps putting more spaces between some pictures and paragraphs than I would like.

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