Monday, September 05, 2011


It was Sunday, August 21, 2011. Kerry had been out of town since Thursday morning and was returning Sunday evening. We had survived our first week of homeschooling, and I was looking forward to tidying up the house before Kerry got home that evening. I was working in my bathroom when I heard a thud and then screaming. Silas comes walking into my bathroom screaming with blood running down his face. As bad as I felt for him, I was frustrated with the situation. My husband was out of town. I wasn't in our old neighborhood where I could leave my other three kids with neighbors and go to a hospital I knew. Plus, I didn't know which hospital we could go to.

I called Kerry screaming in his ear what I needed him to do. The other three boys whipped into action getting shoes on and backing bags. I did stop to look at the cut/slice to make sure a trip to the ER was needed. It was. Kerry called two of our pastors from our church who said they would meet me at the hospital. One of them took our other three boys to his house while the other one stayed with me. By this time Silas had calmed down. When the doctor looked at it, he said it would need about three staples and he didn't recommend anything to deaden the area. I requested to have the lidocaine. Would you believe that Silas didn't cry once while they put the lidocaine in or put the five staples in his head? I could not believe it! We left the hospital, and went to pick up the other three. The only complaint he gave me was that his head was hurting (around dinner time). I gave him some medicine, and he was fine. The staples are out now, and it seems to be healing fine.

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