Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fall Festival 2011

Our church put on their annual Fall Festival on October 31, 2011. This year, Josiah and Caleb chose not to dress up. The reality is that it's hard to have fun on rides and games in costumes. Plus, it was really hot when we arrived. Silas really wanted to wear the elephant costume, but the moment we got out of the car he took it off. It was way to hot for it. They all had a blast, and I couldn't believe we stayed almost the entire night. On the way home, the three little ones and I stopped at the grocery store for a few items. We discovered that their pumpkins were now discounted all the way to free. They were so excited to end the night by each getting their own pumpkin. I so love seeing how something so simple as a free pumpkin can put a smile on three little boys' faces.

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