Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rest of June 2012

 June 20th-22nd  - As much as we wanted to spend time as a family, Kerry and I needed some time just the two of us. We haven't taken two nights away together since before Caleb was born.  It was nice to know that the little ones had already spent some time with Nana and Granddad and were looking forward to their own trip now that big brother was here.  We were all headed in the same direction at the beginning, so we decided to stop in Waco for lunch and a quick stop at Baylor.  After that we headed our separate ways - the boys with Nana and Granddad to San Antonio and Kerry and I to Spicewood, TX.  I have to admit, after staying busy for so long, it felt kind of weird not having any responsibilities for a couple of days.  It was great to get away, and I learned a lesson - don't worry about cooking (which I did) and just go out to eat.  I think I would have been able to relax a little more.  Oh well.

Our cabin for a couple of nights
June 23rd-30th -Kerry spent a few more days with us in East Texas, before he headed back to California.  At this point we began to feel God wanted us back in Texas, but we didn't quite have all of the details yet.  The three little ones enjoyed spending time with Daddy, and it was great being reunited with Caleb.  One thing I knew was that we would have to keep busy during the day since I have four active boys.  While Kerry was there, I got my fishing license and signed up for a summer swim membership so we could stay busy for the summer. 

Enjoying the pool

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Reunited - June 19, 2012

June slowly ticked by as we went to doctor appointments, ended the school year, and spent sweet time with my three little ones.

June 19th finally arrived when we would all be together again - at least for a little while.  The little ones were so excited to see Daddy and Caleb!  They even made signs to bring to the airport along with balloons.  No one could miss the Mackeys at the airport that day.

May 2, 2012 - June 3, 2012

We arrived back in Texas on Wednesday, May 2. We survived the trip this time with bringing the dog.  My mother-in-law was in the hospital until Friday, May 4, so our first two days were spent going back and forth to the hospital.  Part of the following week was spent trying to get back into a routine of some sort. 

I have to admit I was thankful to be here in Texas for Mother's Day weekend.  I was able to go to the Arlington Home School Bookfair while my parents took care of the three little ones.  This was also the first year I have gotten to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom since 2005.  With the weather becoming nice, the boys and I started spending more time at the park, even bringing school along so we could enjoy as much fresh air as possible. 

The week of the 21st found us taking my mother-in-law for pre-op for a pacemaker followed by the surgery on the 23rd.  If I recall (and all the dates are running together), I believe this was the surgery we had to get to the hospital really early.  I was thankful my brother-in-law was able to come.  It still wasn't easy getting three little ones to the hospital by 5am. Once again, I was so proud of them for their behavior in the hospital.  I think we were there for 6-7 hours before leaving.  We also came back that night to spend some time with her.  I was amazed that she was ready to come home the following day. 

Just as we thought things were getting better, she had a doctor's appointment on the 31st for a follow up on her pacemaker.  By this time, I had learned to be prepared with the boys.  I always had one to two bags packed with things to do - books, toys, gameboys, ipad, dvd players, etc.  At the follow up appointment, we were told to go straight to the hospital.  The doctor wanted to do another surgery that day as he was going out of town the following day and wanted it done.  In a little bit of a shock, I grabbed the boys (and me) some lunch and started driving to the hospital while making phone calls.  We were at the hospital for a really long time this time.  The boys were amazing.  They had already been to one doctor and now were in the hospital for a really long time.  We went home that evening with plans to come back in the morning (but not too early).

I received a call the following morning from her, that the surgery didn't work and the doctor was taking her back to surgery.  By this time, I couldn't handle much more. I called my parents saying I needed some help.  I threw things in a suitcase for the boys and headed to the hospital.  Before I could get there, she was already in surgery.  I was able to talk to the doctor after the surgery and he was pretty certain this took care of the problem.  Her sister and brother-in-law arrived, and I drove the boys half way for my dad to take them back to Arlington.  Once I dropped them off, I went back to the hospital. 

The following day, I woke with a stomach ache.  I barely made it to the hospital. Right before we were to leave, she started not feeling well.  The on call doctor decided to keep her a little longer to give her some fluids.  I went home and had to call a friend of hers to bring her home.  I felt bad that I couldn't do it, but I couldn't get out of bed I felt so bad.  I stayed in bed pretty much the entire time until I had to pick the boys up Sunday afternoon. 

Boys swimming in the backyard

Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Texas - May 1, 2012

Before I left my mother-in-law to return to California, I told her if she needed me, I could come back after Caleb's birthday.  Well, Caleb's birthday was on Tuesday, April 24th and on Wednesday morning, April 25th, I received a phone call from one of her friends saying that she was headed back to the hospital.  Wow!  I'm not even sure I had finished unpacking.  To make matters even more challenging, Kerry was headed out of town on Thursday, April 26th and wouldn't return until Monday, April 30th.  So, we made plans for me to start driving on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

To say the week before I left was tough would be an understatement.  It was super emotional.  Just as I was saying hello, I was saying goodbye again.  We had spent only 5 nights together as a family before Kerry left and then had just one more night together before I left.  There were also some other issues that just left me feeling raw.  This time, I left not knowing how long I would be gone.  How much should I pack?  What should I let the boys bring this time?  Basically, I let the three littles bring as much as we could fit in and on top of the car.  Bicycles were strapped down to the top of the car this time.  Golf clubs were packed again and lots of random things.  And I brought the dog this time.

We were already planning a family trip to Texas this summer to meet my newest nephew who was due in July and had a trip planned with my parents to San Antonio.  We decided it was best for me to stay there at least until then, with Kerry bringing Caleb when school was finished. At this point, we also began praying what was best for us long term.  We didn't want to be separated as a family indefinitely.  We didn't hear any clear answers from God at this point, but kept our hearts open to hear Him.  It wasn't as tough pulling out of the driveway this time as it was before, but it still wasn't easy. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

April 24, 2012 - Caleb's 12th Birthday!

My main reason for returning to California when I did was to be back in time for Caleb's 12th birthday.  It is important to me to be there for their special day each year.  Caleb had school that morning which I sent cupcakes to help celebrate.  When he got home from school and Dad got home from work, we celebrated.  He choose a chocolate pie for his birthday cake this year and no one complained. 

I can hardly believe I have a 12 year old boy.  The time has flown by!  We only have 6 more years with him until he is an adult.  It's a little scary to think about.  There are so many things I want to squeeze into the next few years.  I don't know if there is enough time.  I can't say that this has been a great year, but I love Caleb so much and know God gave him to us for a reason.  We will love and treasure him.  He is a gift from God!

April 9 - April 23, 2012

The following two weeks after Easter were busy ones. I spent a lot of time taking my mother-in-law to doctor appointments.  Her sweet church family was so helpful in getting her to rehab.  And my brother-in-law since I had arrived in East Texas, came as often as he could to give me and the boys a break.  That allowed us time to go to Arlington and spend a little time with my family.  Josiah even managed to loose his second tooth!  Slowly, my mother-in-law began to heal and the week before I left managed to return to work.  I packed up all of our things and looked forward to returning home to Kerry and Caleb.  We pulled in on Saturday, April 21st, thrilled to be reunited.  It felt like Christmas, the boys were so excited to see their rooms and play with all of their toys they had left behind.  We loved being back in church the next morning.  I loved seeing all of my precious little ones and just being back home. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Easter 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - Granddad, Levi, and Silas

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - Brock and Josiah

Sunday, April 8, 2012 - Caleb and Kerry

Sunday, April 8, 2012 - Levi, Silas, Josiah, and Me

This is the first year we celebrated Easter a part from one another.  On Saturday, April 7th, the three little ones and I went to the Easter egg hunt at the church my sister and her family are a part of.  The boys had a great time seeing their cousins and playing. 

On Sunday, April 8, 2012, we enjoyed celebrating Easter with my parents at their church while Kerry and Caleb were at our church in California.  It wasn't quite the same without everyone together, but we still managed to make some great memories.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bluebonnets 2012

Friday, April 6, 2012

Silas, Josiah, and Levi

One of the things I miss about living in Texas is seeing the yearly bluebonnets. Starting when Caleb was one, I don't think we missed a year until we moved to California the first time. This was the first year we have been in Texas since 2005 to enjoy them. This was also the first time for the three little ones to see them up close. We took time to get their pictures taken in the bluebonnets after our Easter egg hunt. I'm so glad we did.

Braxton, Silas, Levi, Brock, and Josiah




Thanks, Ry, for taking the pictures since my battery died on my camera the moment we got there!

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Easter Egg Dying and Egg Hunt

Josiah and Brock

Friday, April 6th
Confession: I love dying Easter eggs. My sister still teases me to this day. This year was even more fun as cousins got to join in. We arrived in Arlington on Friday, April 6th at my parents' house with time to dye Easter eggs. After dying Easter eggs and dinner, the boys enjoyed an Easter egg hunt.

All the cousins minus Caleb

Brock and Levi

Silas and Braxton

Proof that I still love dying Easter eggs

Nana, Granddad, Brock, Silas, Josiah, Levi, and Braxton

Yes, I know I am still behind, but I'm trying to catch up more for myself than anyone. That way when I finally get around to scrapbooking I can check my blog for dates and details.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Driving Range

Saturday, March 24, 2012
The boys have been enjoying their golf clubs recently. They golf wherever they can from the backyard to the driving range. Josiah has even checked out a golfing video from the library, and he will still quote some of the instructions. My parents had taken them previously to the driving range and they kept asking to go again. So, I took the boys one Saturday when we were in Arlington. I bought the biggest bucket of golf balls the driving range had (it was big) and they finished them in no time. They were even disappointed that they were all gone. Josiah seems to be a natural, Levi is improving, and Silas is having fun. Hopefully, one day we will all be able to get out on the golf course and golf is the one sport I enjoy playing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time with Daddy and Caleb

Wednesday, March 28th - Sunday, April 1st
It had been three and a half weeks since the three littles and I had seen Kerry and Caleb. We were so excited that they were coming to Texas, even though it was for Granny's surgery. They arrived at DFW, and those next few hours were the longest waiting for them to drive from Arlington to Gladewater. Caleb already had put in his request for a home cooked meal from me since it had been awhile. Then, we topped that off with Levi's belated birthday cake. I feel bad that I didn't get to make him a nice cake since all of my cake supplies are in California, but it still tasted good.

Thursday, Granny had her surgery, so I got to spend some time with all four of my boys. It took some time getting used to having four again. We visited Granny in the hospital and just enjoyed being together again. Kerry spent the night in the hospital while the boys and I stayed at Granny's house.

On Friday morning, when I went into the garage, I discovered a kitten on the steps leading to the laundry room. A mama cat had had kittens in Granny's yard but she had moved them a few days before. Josiah had been thrilled, because he has been asking for a kitten this past year. Apparently, the mama cat had placed them in the garage but didn't have time to get the last one out. The boys named her Rose (not sure it was a boy) and had a fun day playing with her until her mom came back and got her. That evening, Granny and Kerry came home from the hospital.

Saturday, we tried to squeeze in some family time. We all went to the lake to hike and let the boys play in the water. That evening, Caleb and I went out to dinner while Kerry took the three littles to dinner.

Sunday came all too fast when they had to leave to head back to California especially not knowing how long we would be apart from each other. We were thankful for the time together and are learning to cherish our family time. It is precious.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Levi Turns 5!

I can hardly believe that Levi is now five and has been for over two months. Levi celebrated his birthday a little different than most. First off, my dad came in town a couple of weeks before his birthday. Levi really wanted golf clubs for his birthday, so Granddad took him to get some golf clubs and a bag (very important to him). He was so excited and spent a lot of time practicing in the backyard.

Since we knew we wouldn't all be together on his birthday, we took him after church on March 4th to pick out a new bike and helmet. He opted for ice cream instead of a birthday cake on this day. On March 6th, we arrived at my parent's house where they had some presents and a cake for him. He was thrilled to celebrate a day early.

On his real birthday, we were in Gladewater. We had packed a small present for him to open that morning along with a birthday card. He was excited about his monster trucks and was so sweet to share with his brothers. He spent most of his birthday in the hospital visiting Granny. It wasn't what we originally had planned, but he was a trooper. When Kerry and Caleb arrived a few weeks later, he insisted he needed a cake with them since he was now 5. So, we made a cake and sang happy birthday about 4 weeks later again and he was one happy boy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Josiah Plays Basketball

This winter, Josiah played basketball for the first time. It was more of a clinic, but they got to play some games as well. He really enjoyed playing, and I was glad that it was low key for his first time. I think the most important part for Josiah was getting the trophy. It was also nice that a family from our church was in the same clinic. It made the early Saturday time a little more bearable. But it was worth it to see Josiah smile and excited about being there.

Christmas in Arlington

Saturday, December 24th
We arrived in Arlington just in time to get ready for the Christmas Eve service at my parents church. We made it through and entire service without having to leave! After the service, we went to dinner before going back to my parents' house.

Sunday, December 25th
Finally, Christmas is here! We woke up and went to church with my parents. Then, we came back to my parents to celebrate Christmas. The boys were excited to see their cousins again. We opened presents, ate lunch, and just enjoyed relaxing.

12/25/2011 - Nana, Granddad, and the boys at church

12/25/2011 - All the cousins

Monday, December 26th
In the morning, we ventured out ice skating with my parents. Granddad opted not to skate. We all tired out pretty quickly, only lasting about an hour. I thought Josiah and Caleb would have skated a little longer. Thank goodness for groupons! Kerry and Caleb headed back to East Texas so they could squeeze in some hunting while the three little ones and I stayed in Arlington.

12/26/2011 - Silas playing Wii with Uncle Nate

Tuesday, December 27th - Wednesday, December 28th
We enjoyed just hanging out as a family.  We went to the movies and spent lots of time playing.

Thursday, December 29th
Nana and I took the 5 boys to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  It was an adventure, but all of the boys had fun.  This was our first time to visit Dinosaur World.  Even though the boys had a fun time, I'm not too sure we would make the trip again. 

12/29/2011 - Nana and the boys
Friday, December 30th
By this time, Kerry and Caleb had made it back to Arlington. Kerry and I even enjoyed a rare night out just the two of us.  We got to enjoy a quiet dinner and a movie.  Who knows when the next time we will be able to do that.

 Saturday, December 31st - Sunday, January 1st
We spent these two days driving back to California. As much as we loved seeing and spending time with our families, it was nice to unpack and get back to a normal routine.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Change in Plans

Just when I start getting in a routine, it changes. Three weeks ago, my husband received a phone call from his mom. She thought she was having a heart attack. A friend was taking her to the doctor. Immediately, we started making plans for Kerry to fly out to be with her. He arrived late that night, and it was confirmed she had had a heart attack. She had surgery the following day. She came home soon after and Kerry and I talked back and forth about what to do. It was finally decided that the three little boys and I would drive out and stay with her for a month. Kerry was to return to California on the third of March.

On March 2nd, she ended up back in the hospital because she wasn't able to hold anything down. Kerry still had to return on the third, but his brother was able to come for the weekend. Kerry and I had about 24 hours together before the three littles and I started our drive. Pulling away from our house was one of the hardest things I have done. Caleb and I hugged each other and cried together before I had to leave my oldest baby. It was tough. The night before he told me he didn't want me to go. Had he said that the morning we left or told me to take him too, he would have been coming with us. There is no way I would have been able to leave him.

While we were on the road to Texas, she had another surgery to try and see why she couldn't hold foods and liquids down. They think they figured the problem out, but it limits her diet even more. We arrived in East Texas Tuesday night. We spent a lot of time on Wednesday (Levi's 5th birthday) up at the hospital with her. She came home on Thursday. There have been good days and bad days. Cardiac rehab started this week.

The three littles got to spend a few days with Nana and Granddad. They had so much fun they didn't want to leave. But now they are back with me and I will be able to sleep better knowing I can hear them breathe. There is just something soothing about hearing my children breathe at night.

My mother in law has another surgery scheduled at the end of March. Kerry and Caleb are coming for the surgery. I am counting the days until I see them again. I miss them so much but know this is where God needs me for right now. Not sure when I will see California again, but I am looking forward to having our family under the same roof and serving/worshiping at our church. I choose to be thankful though that God is allowing me this extra time with my mother in law and with my own parents, sister, and nephews on the weekends when Kent, Kerry's brother, comes to be with his mom.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas in East Texas

Saturday, December 17th
We drove nonstop from California arriving in Gladewater late the 17th of December. We decided that was probably the last time we would try that. We stopped at my parents long enough for my mom and I to go shopping and to have dinner with my parents, sister, brother-n-law, and nephews.

We arrived in Gladewater, and the boys were so excited to be at Granny's house. It was hard to believe how late it was with all the energy that was shown. Finally, we were all able to sleep.

Sunday, December 18th
Morning came early as we joined Granny for church. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Caleb and I went to lunch for mom/son bonding time and explored the lake. After we got home, the three little ones wanted their turn with mom. So, I loaded the three of them up and we went to the playground and then to the lake just to say they had been where Caleb had been. I was worn out by all of those outings and tried not to do too much when we returned.

12/18/2011 - Church with Granny

12/18/2011 - Mom and Caleb at the lake

Monday, December 19th
We celebrated part of Christmas on Monday. The boys were thrilled to know they didn't have to wait long before celebrating Christmas with Granny. They got so many fun things. Caleb was pleased with all of his hunting gear. Josiah, Levi, and Silas especially loved their guitars and bows.
12/19/2011 - Practicing in the backyard

12/19/2011 - Silas, Josiah, and Levi

12/19/2011 - Caleb with his new fish

Tuesday, December 20th-Thursday, December 22nd
On Tuesday, Silas and I took Josiah and Levi to Terrell to meet my parents. They were on their way to spend a couple of nights in San Antonio. This was their first overnight trip hours away from us. It was their first time away from both Kerry and I since Silas was born. They had a wonderful time! Silas was a little sad that mom didn't let him go, but a drive through Wendy's for a Frosty helped him feel better.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we enjoyed relaxing. I spent some time running errands, getting my haircut, reading books. I did start to feel a little under the weather, so I was glad I could take it easy for a couple of days. Silas even did a good job of just laying there with me and watching movies. Silas was thrilled when Levi and Josiah got home on Thursday night. The three musketeers were reunited. I don't think Silas will ever let me keep him from a trip again.

Friday, December 23rd
To further add to the boys' excitement, Uncle Kent arrived! I don't think Uncle Kent's lap was empty the entire time he was here.

Saturday, December 24th
We woke up and Uncle Kent went and got donuts for everyone. Then the boys were ready to open their stockings. After stockings, we got ready and went to lunch in Longview. Although we missed having Granny with us for lunch, we had fun eating at Posadas (my favorite place to eat in Longview). Then it was time to say goodbye to Granny and Uncle Kent. We enjoyed our week with Granny and seeing Uncle Kent.
12/24/2011 - All the boys

12/24/2011 - Granny and 4 of her boys

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas in California

Christmas with the six of us was pretty untraditional. Typically, we celebrate Christmas in the morning. This year, we celebrated on a Thursday evening (December 15, 2011), the night before we started driving to Texas. I was still working through all of my emotions, so it really wasn't the greatest night for me. We were thanked by our three little ones saying this was their best Christmas so far.

And this is what Caleb thought of Christmas this year by the end of the night.