Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas in East Texas

Saturday, December 17th
We drove nonstop from California arriving in Gladewater late the 17th of December. We decided that was probably the last time we would try that. We stopped at my parents long enough for my mom and I to go shopping and to have dinner with my parents, sister, brother-n-law, and nephews.

We arrived in Gladewater, and the boys were so excited to be at Granny's house. It was hard to believe how late it was with all the energy that was shown. Finally, we were all able to sleep.

Sunday, December 18th
Morning came early as we joined Granny for church. We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Caleb and I went to lunch for mom/son bonding time and explored the lake. After we got home, the three little ones wanted their turn with mom. So, I loaded the three of them up and we went to the playground and then to the lake just to say they had been where Caleb had been. I was worn out by all of those outings and tried not to do too much when we returned.

12/18/2011 - Church with Granny

12/18/2011 - Mom and Caleb at the lake

Monday, December 19th
We celebrated part of Christmas on Monday. The boys were thrilled to know they didn't have to wait long before celebrating Christmas with Granny. They got so many fun things. Caleb was pleased with all of his hunting gear. Josiah, Levi, and Silas especially loved their guitars and bows.
12/19/2011 - Practicing in the backyard

12/19/2011 - Silas, Josiah, and Levi

12/19/2011 - Caleb with his new fish

Tuesday, December 20th-Thursday, December 22nd
On Tuesday, Silas and I took Josiah and Levi to Terrell to meet my parents. They were on their way to spend a couple of nights in San Antonio. This was their first overnight trip hours away from us. It was their first time away from both Kerry and I since Silas was born. They had a wonderful time! Silas was a little sad that mom didn't let him go, but a drive through Wendy's for a Frosty helped him feel better.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we enjoyed relaxing. I spent some time running errands, getting my haircut, reading books. I did start to feel a little under the weather, so I was glad I could take it easy for a couple of days. Silas even did a good job of just laying there with me and watching movies. Silas was thrilled when Levi and Josiah got home on Thursday night. The three musketeers were reunited. I don't think Silas will ever let me keep him from a trip again.

Friday, December 23rd
To further add to the boys' excitement, Uncle Kent arrived! I don't think Uncle Kent's lap was empty the entire time he was here.

Saturday, December 24th
We woke up and Uncle Kent went and got donuts for everyone. Then the boys were ready to open their stockings. After stockings, we got ready and went to lunch in Longview. Although we missed having Granny with us for lunch, we had fun eating at Posadas (my favorite place to eat in Longview). Then it was time to say goodbye to Granny and Uncle Kent. We enjoyed our week with Granny and seeing Uncle Kent.
12/24/2011 - All the boys

12/24/2011 - Granny and 4 of her boys

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