Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Change in Plans

Just when I start getting in a routine, it changes. Three weeks ago, my husband received a phone call from his mom. She thought she was having a heart attack. A friend was taking her to the doctor. Immediately, we started making plans for Kerry to fly out to be with her. He arrived late that night, and it was confirmed she had had a heart attack. She had surgery the following day. She came home soon after and Kerry and I talked back and forth about what to do. It was finally decided that the three little boys and I would drive out and stay with her for a month. Kerry was to return to California on the third of March.

On March 2nd, she ended up back in the hospital because she wasn't able to hold anything down. Kerry still had to return on the third, but his brother was able to come for the weekend. Kerry and I had about 24 hours together before the three littles and I started our drive. Pulling away from our house was one of the hardest things I have done. Caleb and I hugged each other and cried together before I had to leave my oldest baby. It was tough. The night before he told me he didn't want me to go. Had he said that the morning we left or told me to take him too, he would have been coming with us. There is no way I would have been able to leave him.

While we were on the road to Texas, she had another surgery to try and see why she couldn't hold foods and liquids down. They think they figured the problem out, but it limits her diet even more. We arrived in East Texas Tuesday night. We spent a lot of time on Wednesday (Levi's 5th birthday) up at the hospital with her. She came home on Thursday. There have been good days and bad days. Cardiac rehab started this week.

The three littles got to spend a few days with Nana and Granddad. They had so much fun they didn't want to leave. But now they are back with me and I will be able to sleep better knowing I can hear them breathe. There is just something soothing about hearing my children breathe at night.

My mother in law has another surgery scheduled at the end of March. Kerry and Caleb are coming for the surgery. I am counting the days until I see them again. I miss them so much but know this is where God needs me for right now. Not sure when I will see California again, but I am looking forward to having our family under the same roof and serving/worshiping at our church. I choose to be thankful though that God is allowing me this extra time with my mother in law and with my own parents, sister, and nephews on the weekends when Kent, Kerry's brother, comes to be with his mom.

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