Monday, May 21, 2012

Levi Turns 5!

I can hardly believe that Levi is now five and has been for over two months. Levi celebrated his birthday a little different than most. First off, my dad came in town a couple of weeks before his birthday. Levi really wanted golf clubs for his birthday, so Granddad took him to get some golf clubs and a bag (very important to him). He was so excited and spent a lot of time practicing in the backyard.

Since we knew we wouldn't all be together on his birthday, we took him after church on March 4th to pick out a new bike and helmet. He opted for ice cream instead of a birthday cake on this day. On March 6th, we arrived at my parent's house where they had some presents and a cake for him. He was thrilled to celebrate a day early.

On his real birthday, we were in Gladewater. We had packed a small present for him to open that morning along with a birthday card. He was excited about his monster trucks and was so sweet to share with his brothers. He spent most of his birthday in the hospital visiting Granny. It wasn't what we originally had planned, but he was a trooper. When Kerry and Caleb arrived a few weeks later, he insisted he needed a cake with them since he was now 5. So, we made a cake and sang happy birthday about 4 weeks later again and he was one happy boy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Josiah Plays Basketball

This winter, Josiah played basketball for the first time. It was more of a clinic, but they got to play some games as well. He really enjoyed playing, and I was glad that it was low key for his first time. I think the most important part for Josiah was getting the trophy. It was also nice that a family from our church was in the same clinic. It made the early Saturday time a little more bearable. But it was worth it to see Josiah smile and excited about being there.

Christmas in Arlington

Saturday, December 24th
We arrived in Arlington just in time to get ready for the Christmas Eve service at my parents church. We made it through and entire service without having to leave! After the service, we went to dinner before going back to my parents' house.

Sunday, December 25th
Finally, Christmas is here! We woke up and went to church with my parents. Then, we came back to my parents to celebrate Christmas. The boys were excited to see their cousins again. We opened presents, ate lunch, and just enjoyed relaxing.

12/25/2011 - Nana, Granddad, and the boys at church

12/25/2011 - All the cousins

Monday, December 26th
In the morning, we ventured out ice skating with my parents. Granddad opted not to skate. We all tired out pretty quickly, only lasting about an hour. I thought Josiah and Caleb would have skated a little longer. Thank goodness for groupons! Kerry and Caleb headed back to East Texas so they could squeeze in some hunting while the three little ones and I stayed in Arlington.

12/26/2011 - Silas playing Wii with Uncle Nate

Tuesday, December 27th - Wednesday, December 28th
We enjoyed just hanging out as a family.  We went to the movies and spent lots of time playing.

Thursday, December 29th
Nana and I took the 5 boys to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  It was an adventure, but all of the boys had fun.  This was our first time to visit Dinosaur World.  Even though the boys had a fun time, I'm not too sure we would make the trip again. 

12/29/2011 - Nana and the boys
Friday, December 30th
By this time, Kerry and Caleb had made it back to Arlington. Kerry and I even enjoyed a rare night out just the two of us.  We got to enjoy a quiet dinner and a movie.  Who knows when the next time we will be able to do that.

 Saturday, December 31st - Sunday, January 1st
We spent these two days driving back to California. As much as we loved seeing and spending time with our families, it was nice to unpack and get back to a normal routine.