Monday, May 21, 2012

Levi Turns 5!

I can hardly believe that Levi is now five and has been for over two months. Levi celebrated his birthday a little different than most. First off, my dad came in town a couple of weeks before his birthday. Levi really wanted golf clubs for his birthday, so Granddad took him to get some golf clubs and a bag (very important to him). He was so excited and spent a lot of time practicing in the backyard.

Since we knew we wouldn't all be together on his birthday, we took him after church on March 4th to pick out a new bike and helmet. He opted for ice cream instead of a birthday cake on this day. On March 6th, we arrived at my parent's house where they had some presents and a cake for him. He was thrilled to celebrate a day early.

On his real birthday, we were in Gladewater. We had packed a small present for him to open that morning along with a birthday card. He was excited about his monster trucks and was so sweet to share with his brothers. He spent most of his birthday in the hospital visiting Granny. It wasn't what we originally had planned, but he was a trooper. When Kerry and Caleb arrived a few weeks later, he insisted he needed a cake with them since he was now 5. So, we made a cake and sang happy birthday about 4 weeks later again and he was one happy boy.

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