Thursday, June 14, 2012

Time with Daddy and Caleb

Wednesday, March 28th - Sunday, April 1st
It had been three and a half weeks since the three littles and I had seen Kerry and Caleb. We were so excited that they were coming to Texas, even though it was for Granny's surgery. They arrived at DFW, and those next few hours were the longest waiting for them to drive from Arlington to Gladewater. Caleb already had put in his request for a home cooked meal from me since it had been awhile. Then, we topped that off with Levi's belated birthday cake. I feel bad that I didn't get to make him a nice cake since all of my cake supplies are in California, but it still tasted good.

Thursday, Granny had her surgery, so I got to spend some time with all four of my boys. It took some time getting used to having four again. We visited Granny in the hospital and just enjoyed being together again. Kerry spent the night in the hospital while the boys and I stayed at Granny's house.

On Friday morning, when I went into the garage, I discovered a kitten on the steps leading to the laundry room. A mama cat had had kittens in Granny's yard but she had moved them a few days before. Josiah had been thrilled, because he has been asking for a kitten this past year. Apparently, the mama cat had placed them in the garage but didn't have time to get the last one out. The boys named her Rose (not sure it was a boy) and had a fun day playing with her until her mom came back and got her. That evening, Granny and Kerry came home from the hospital.

Saturday, we tried to squeeze in some family time. We all went to the lake to hike and let the boys play in the water. That evening, Caleb and I went out to dinner while Kerry took the three littles to dinner.

Sunday came all too fast when they had to leave to head back to California especially not knowing how long we would be apart from each other. We were thankful for the time together and are learning to cherish our family time. It is precious.

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