Saturday, January 12, 2013

September 3, 2012: Silas Turns 4!

Sweet Silas!  I can't believe he turned four all ready.  So much has happened in his precious short life.  He has averaged living in a different house each year of his life: one in Florida and two in California.  He was such a trooper for his birthday.  His birthday was the day the boys and I were headed back to Texas.  My dad had agreed to help us drive back this time since we would be pulling a Uhaul, and I didn't have any experience driving with a trailer attached to the van.

He loved being the center of attention on his special day.  He had a detailed cake in mind, but I am so thankful that he chose and ice cream cake when I gave him that option.  He picked the colors himself.  For the second year in a row, he got a new bicycle for his birthday.  His little one wasn't going to last much longer so we decided to go ahead and get him a new one.  He was thrilled but upset that the bicycle had training wheels on it.  That was an easy fix, and he was off riding right away.

Silas with his brothers

Silas found his bicycle hidden in the Uhaul
Silas trying out his new bicycle before we put it in the  Uhaul to make the trip to Texas
When Granddad arrived, he arrived with a gift for him to enjoy as well.  The fun wasn't over yet.  Once we got to Texas, he got to have a birthday with his cousins.  Nana did a great job in making a cake more to his specifications. I'm glad he was able to feel special even during all of the changes going on in our life.

Silas is such a joy!  He is full of life and loves to talk.  He wakes up talking and tends to talk right up until he goes to sleep.  His last words at night are usually, "Mom, I love you."  Just precious!  He is constantly on the go.  He loves being out and about whether it's the park or the grocery store.  He enjoys anything related to outside which fits in with the rest of his brothers.  He wishes he and Levi were twins so they could be the same age.  Even though he is pretty independent, he wants to do whatever Levi can do. It's so much fun to see.  In turn, he is Levi's protector.  If Levi has a hard time with something, Silas is right there to help him.  I love watching them together.  So, Happy Belated Birthday Silas!

Silas with the cake Nana made for him
Silas with his new golf clubs from Nana and Granddad

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