Sunday, July 05, 2015

A Long, Overdue Update

Wow! Has it really been 2 and a half years since I last posted?  Life has definitely been interesting and completely different during these years than I would have ever expected.  Here is a quick update.

CALEB - Caleb is now 15 years old and almost as tall as Kerry.  After homeschooling for all but 6 months of his PreK-8th grade years, Caleb wanted an opportunity to play football.  He just finished his 9th grade year in public school.  We all survived (me especially).  It wasn't without it's bumps, but overall we are proud of how Caleb transitioned into a new environment.  This year, he played football, basketball (for the first time ever), and baseball.  He still enjoys hunting and fishing when there is time. His plans for the summer are to work out, sleep, and eat.  He would also love a job if he could find one. And just yesterday, he mentioned he would like to learn how to play the guitar. His current goal is to play professional football someday.  

JOSIAH - Josiah turns 10 this month.  He will be in 5th grade this year.  He is still homeschooled and enjoys attending our homeschool co/op during the school year.  He has gotten very involved in baseball.  It is the only sport he wants to play, choosing to play in the fall and spring (which goes into part of the summer).  His current dream is to play professional baseball when he grows up.  He also enjoys going hunting from time to time and would love if we had a skate park near by so he could enjoy his bike more.  

 LEVI - Levi is 8 years old and will be in the 3rd grade this fall.  He enjoys playing baseball in the fall and spring but is looking forward to the day when mom says he can try football.  He used to be our quiet one but no more. He talks and speaks his mind as much as they all do.  He likes to hunt with Kerry and even chose to go hunting over participating in Halloween activities this past year.  His dreams change from time to time. I think football and baseball are evenly matched in his dreams for the future. Time will tell.

SILAS - Our baby is now 6 years old.  He will be in the first grade this fall.  He truly has grown this year as a person.  He went from never wanting to go to class at church to loving it.  He even asked me to let him go to VBS when the other boys were busy with baseball practices.  He completed his last year of tball this spring.  He is taking the fall off and plans to try basketball in the winter.  He is my helper and always seems to know where everything is when I can't find something. He likes going to the municipal airport with Kerry and watching airplanes take off an land.

These past 3 years have not been easy moving back to Texas.  Time and time again I find myself asking God why we are back and not even in our own home, living with my mother-in-law instead.  I struggle knowing that we left two of the best churches we have been a part of in California and have a hard time finding a place that feels like "home." But then I look at the faces of my boys and see that they are thriving and happy.  They love Jesus.  They love church (wherever it may be).  They love each other (most of the time). They are learning how to serve others.  They are learning how to be a part of a team and work together. They are learning many life lessons that will help them as they grow.  I know God has a plan for our lives and must repeatedly learn to be content with that and thankful that he takes care of us.